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paletteHappy Spring! I know the weather has been very unkind to some and it’s just plain been a strange month…Goddess Granny is sensing that the “universe is out of whack” but we still need to put on our glam game faces! We must dust off those patent shoes. Let that Spring fever lighten us up even if it’s just a state of mind and  we need some pretty new colors to brighten us up! Note: I will NOT be embracing the newest egg-colored YELLOW nail polishes being touted in the world of nail-color couture…Bright yellow is for Peeps, not for nails, HA! Kiss

I am usually more than adequate, okay I’m damn good at applying makeup and if it’s on someone else? I am a pro because it’s easier: you can see what you’re doing, blending makes more sense and if they hold still, it generally results in perfection! I am eyeshadow-challenged when it comes to my own applications. I LOVE my UD pencils for swipe and go looks and can do a helluva black ubiquitous smokey-eye. Let’s face it, you are simply smearing black around your eyes! When it comes to those coveted couture looks with the array of blended colors and perfect enhancements I see in the glossy ads and on some, I sigh.

I’ve just never been adept at using three or more shadows at once on my eyes and ending up with a look that I could show in public.

No more.

If I look at the mess (recently organized but…) on my vanity, SO many of my favorite products are by “Tarte” with good reason: they are brilliant, natural, have beautiful “green” packaging. The the colors always tend to flatter everyone! I don’t know how but they continue to create stunning products without any of the gunk we try to avoid but still manage to be on trend with gorgeous shades and ingredients that nourish and brighten! Recently Sephora had a 15% off “VIB” sale (get signed up if you aren’t, awesome perks!) and I felt compelled to buy a few “staples” with my discount. I physically went into the store, started browsing the shelves, a dangerous game indeed! I was sort of looking for THE new eyeshadow palette that would allow me to look like I knew what I was doing. After dismissing the bolds, the shimmery and the gaudy I found my shadow-nirvana in Tarte’s new “Femme Naturale” shadow palette and my search is over!

Ten PERFECT shades of mineral “based” shadow (I cannot begin to manage the fallout from tiny plastic pots of traditional mineral shadow) that do more to light up my eyes and face than I ever dreamed possible! Also comes with a generous sample of their famous shadow primer, a double sided long wearing pencil and two-ended brush that actually is pro-quality and works beautifully for application! The case itself is a glossy purple accented with a sassy rosette and very dressy and the shadows are housed in magnetic pans so you CAN and WILL be able to buy individual pans of shadow to refill….genius and VERY luxurious, looks like an evening clutch!

There’s also a large mirror and a card that shows you in color how to apply two “Femme Naturale”(but so not average!)looks using the shadows from row one and row two…yes, using the whole row of colors! The shades are so light, creamy and easy to manage and blend! It’s a snap, a breeze and ridiculously easy to look like you’ve spent hours when it takes less than three minutes! Nothing else is needed except a swipe of mascara and after a couple of attempts, I OWN these looks Kiss!

The value for the price of what I think is THE most usable,wearable, giftable and beautiful eyeshadow palette on my vanity is crazy good! Because you can refill the shades, it’s a keeper and I promise you that this will be the palette you reach for most days and nights! I think it’s great to have so many options for shadow colors and I have some pretty wild colors but when it comes to travel and the fact I will actually USE all the colors,nothing can beat Tarte’s “Femme Naturale” palette! I now have that sculpted-crease with  two shades accent- look down pat!

Buy it here,Tarte’s site is always fun to visit:

I’m not a “neutral” sort of girl but this palette has convinced me and I can use it to create looks only possible before in my imagination! Do you also love a great selection of neutrals? This is truly a product for everyone!!!

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