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Katie here! Your most trusted Sephora Insider!

If you were anything like I was, as a budding beauty-addict preteen, a lot of things were first done without your mother’s permission. Shaving your legs, buying 99 cent Wet ‘n’ Wild nail polishes in the grocery store while your mother was picking up milk and eggs. All things I did. Whenever I was finally officially allowed to wear makeup at age 13, eye liner was not on the approved list of products. I got one of those “You’re already beautiful” BS lines that mothers are by statute obligated to say to their daughters. I stole a Black Revlon very greasy eyeliner pencil out of my mom’s makeup basket probably about the beginning of ninth grade. It was dull, and it took me a couple weeks to build up the nerve to steal a sharpener as well. I didn’t have a very steady hand, for sure. The greasy, very smudge friendly eyeliner was probably all over half my lid and it dropped down to my cheekbones by third period. But already it made such a dramatic difference!

After lots of practice, and a bit of professional training, and even practice applying eyeliner on other people working at Sephora, I’ve got eyeliner down pat. Now, I still don’t like to sharpen things. One of my Sephora coworkers once told me that she sharpens her pencils everyday, which I asked. I was floored. What a pain in the butt! The line is definitely tighter and cleaner when you do, but it just happens that your sharpener always falls to the bottom of your “current use” cosmetics basket and it just isn’t time-efficient to retrieve it every day.

Enter Tarte EmphasEYES pencils. Black is my poison of choice. Comes in navy, plum, and green too. Its the tiniest, skinniest, TWIST UP eyeliner anyone ever thought of. It’s also great if you’re a fan of an eyeliner practice such as Laura Mercier’s tightline method (ask 38goingon19 – Jen from Mythbuster Beauty…she loves it). But me, I just cant bend my arm that way or something it just doesn’t work out. But with the EmphasEYES I can do it! And you can too!

**A good hint is to line your primed eye before you put on shadow and then touch up afterwards. Seems to make it set better to put it on skin, not on shadow.

Any other Tarte EmphasEYES Fans?

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