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TARTE2Y’all know I “know” a lot about products,right? Actually too much sometimes. Then why oh why do I almost start to hyperventilate when I set foot in say Sephora or Ulta? I am guessing it’s because even Goddess Granny gets overwhelmed by all the choices! SO many products that I get all bedazzled and can’t zero in but it does seem that lately, many items are simply the same old thing either with new packaging or one or two new colors added to the mix. Some of my favorite brands like Urban Decay, Benefit, and Lorac do of course continue to set the bar very high and are constantly rocking the market with fabulous new products so I usually head to those displays first…oh, and of course I hit the “Tarte” aisle asap because this brand never fails to delight me either!

We are already in love with Tarte’s exceptional cheek and lip stains and their primers are to die for! but they have created a product that is SO fabulous and original, it’s become my new Holy Grail item almost instantly! We all love that dark,sexy eye-look right? I know we’ve been chatting about all the fabulous color that is so “in for Spring” on our eyes and I know we’re having fun rocking the rainbow look but sometimes and for me it’s for date-night with my guy,I want that ridiculously sexy, maybe a tad sleezy bad-girl dark eye worn with a ton of beige lipgloss look that is such a classic, every siren sings it’s song from time to time! Problem IS, it’s also one of the toughest to pull off without turning into a hot-mess of black smears and running the risk of racoon-eyes but he genius’s at Tarte have figured it out for us with their “EmphasEYES Inner Rim Eyeliner Pencil” and my date-night look will henceforth be a LOT easier to pull off! Before I could only achieve this perfection if I slept in my eye makeup-a huge no no.

You know the drill: smooth a primer on the eyelid, brush on a smoky grey shadow, (I am currently LOVING UD’s new “Stardust” eyeshadow in “Void”) blend it out well, line your eyes with pencil or liquid liner and set it with more shadow…wait…something’s still missing and how DO those girls in the magazines get that totally-dark eye look that screams HOTNESS? They line the insides of their lids with this super-thin, incredibly pigmented pencil that is formulated to be used on the “water line” (that area under/above your lashes that is usually beige)and has been carefully tested by derma-docs to insure that no irritation or allergic reactions pop up to ruin your evening.You’ll notice it looks different than most eye pencils too: very thin in the hand and the point is super-fine as well so the creamy long-wearing formula can be applied exactly where you want it with no smearing or smudging!

I have never seen the likes of this before and am addicted to my pencil which has no parabens or lauryl sulfates, no synthetic fragrance or petroleum,just a patented blend of ingredients and mineral pigments that when applied,leave you with THOSE eyes! It slides on effortlessly and it’s a snap to use when you gently lift the upper line and draw on a line UNDER your upper ashes that makes them look 10 times thicker! I usually blink two or three times and then line the lower inside-lid to finish.

When you go to Tarte’s site (link below) you can actually see the before and after effect of this pencil and you’ll see a huge difference when it’s used: I have tried every product known to women to try and get this look but my EmphasEYES pencil has finally made it so easy that I can be a bad ass with my eye makeup anytime I feel the urge now! This is one of THE best and most innovative/well thought out products I’ve used in a long time and I honestly don’t think there’s anything else like it on the market so thank you Tarte! I use it in black but there are several great colors to choose from.I do advise that you turn the pencil slightly so only a tiny bit of the point is showing to avoid breakage because it’s a very thin point but you only need a swipe of the pencil to get the look you’re after! The slimness of the pencil itself is  very easy on the hand and makes the technique incredibly easy…

Buy it here:

Tarte currently has a free shipping promo as well, enter TAXFREE to get the deal!

This might well be THE most innovative product I’ve used to change my look in a long time: what have you discovered that is SO unique that your look has also become more fabulous?

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