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tarteDid you remember to SPRING forward last night or are you still hiding under the covers of darkness? Goddess Granny is excited about Spring and honestly, I’m much more of an Autumn-type of girl but for some reason I am currently giddy about life and possibilities in the weeks ahead. I’m loving the fact that now we’ll have an extra hour of daylight to enjoy! It gets to be hard on one’s looks and soul when those gloomy days prevail…

I’m also excited about some new, fresh and fun “things” to brighten my look I am trading my dark nail colors, which BTW still ARE very much on trend. Ready for some fresh pale neutrals (but vivid coral, you SHALL be mine soon! ) because they just feel like the start of Spring. They have brightened up my cheeks and lips with vivid pinky-reds so that I don’t get left in the dust when all those gorgeous flowers soon start to bloom!

It’s always a delight when there is a new product to chat about because most things have simply been done before: not so with this slick, sleek, original gem from our genius product designers at Tarte! Don’t you just love being able to use “Tarte” in a sentence:) Tarte is SUCH a fav around and I don’t know many who haven’t at least tried their iconic “cheek stains” as well as many of their other amazing products. They were the first and still the best at creating high performance NATURAL yet totally of the moment products in fabulous colors and formulas that nourish your skin as well as giving you that “roll in the fresh cut grass” glow! This brand manages to remain innovative and EVERYTHING they make is something. I want to try and use because SO many of their products like their stunning cheek stains, their incredible Lipsurgence lip colors, most recently their truly waterproof and effective line of “Amazonian Clay” products are at the top of everyone’s “must have” list! Tarte is always current and classy and they have cultivated a following of pros, celebs and loyal fans who sing their praises like no other!

I cannot live without several Tarte products and their original skinny black magic-stick named “EmphasEYES inner rim eyeliner pencil” is one I won’t part with: nothing else stays on”waterline”(lower lid/ inside rim of the eye above lower lashes) or can be used to “tightline” inside upper rim of eye inside upper lashes…a bit tricky but very much worth trying!) like this pencil designed just FOR these areas that normally are resistant to eyeliners…you can get a Totally new and knock-out look using just this one item!

Original BLACK “EmphasEYES” pencil,one of Tarte’s best sellers!:

Now Tarte has added yet another new to the market pencil named Emphaseyes Inner Rim Brightener to their lineup and it’s VERY unique: slim and creamy like the original black pencil, this one is a pale smooth- shade of whitish-beige that when applied to your inner eye rims, has the power to create a beautifully fresh WIDE doe-eye look that somehow makes the black seem heavy and cold in this season of light!

Glides on so nicely thanks to the beeswax, aloe,and vitamin formula and REALLY stays put once applied! No special skills required, just twist up and slide on then marvel at how much younger, more rested and prettier your eyes look smiling back at you. I have heard the term “doll eyes” used but I think it makes one just look more awake and refreshed…it’s like you’ve tweaked “something” and I promise people will ask if you’re wearing something new! No sharpening required. This is one simple way to change and light up your face for Spring that WILL make everything else your apply seem more contemporary…it was a staple at MANY of the Spring Fashion Week runway shows. Tarte has made it available to the rest of us here!

Easy, naturaland again, one simple NEW product that can really make you look fresher and more beautiful almost without even trying! It took a couple of applications for me to love the look. At first it was almost too much of a change but after playing around a bit and dabbing a bit on the inner corners and yes, even under the browbone, I realized that it had been a very long time since I had tried a product that WAS so different.  I embraced the light around my eyes! When you’re used to black liner ,it can be a really eye-opener and I also LOVE this pencil with a winged black (Tarte Amazonian Clay) liner on the upper lid…photographs SO well, this Tarte inner rim pencil is a MUST HAVE for brides and portraits. You won’t believe how amazing your eyes look in a photo when you apply this!

Have you been “Tarte” lately and tried this gorgeous,very new look of a light-toned eyeliner? What have you done lately to brighten your look, mood and to set the stage for the glowing months of light ahead?

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