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sukicellulareyecreamOkay…I’ve had it! It’s sooo dismal and dry this season that I literally can feel my skin cracking in the corners of my mouth when I smile! Forget about the “laugh line” I am etching…they have become a comedy of errors instead! Goddess Granny is whining about how very dry and cold this Winter has been! Short of slathering up in organic coconut oil or Vaseline on my person (non glam for sure but works!) I have been confounded as to how to control the issues of dry skin, especially on my pretty lil’ face! It’s a viscous cycle: you are dry and irritated, you smear on something lovely only to be rewarded by clogged pores or breakouts because you NEED moisture so badly that you will sacrifice potential spots in order to find comfort!

Especially around the eyes, it’s horrible to apply pretty makeup on top of greasy creams. It doesn’t last and ends up looking like a zombie-inspired effect rather than an inspiring one! If you don’t apply something, you risk looking like the Shahara desert complete with cracks and crevices as well as those horrible stuck in the lines mascara streaks! This is a horrible dilemma for anyone who isn’t in a balmy climate with perfect humidity right now. I bet I am not alone in my misery?

We LOVE the “Suki” like of exceptional skincare products here at and with good reason: absolute luxury, purity, performance, and a hefty-dose of social responsibility. It’s the choice of only the best organic ingredients that have earned Suki high-honors for every beautiful product they create! I truly believe this line to be among the very best in any class. I know that many of us use and love these products with confidence as well as an impressive gathering of gorgeous celebs! Meg started the Suki-ball rolling a couple of years ago with her praise for the “Exfoliating Cleanser” and many of us haven’t looked elsewhere for skincare that meets our highest standards!

When the Suki “Eyelift Cellular Renewal Cream” in it’s elegant glass-airless pump arrived on my doorstep, I wasted NO time trying it out: I usually use a gel/balm under my eye makeup for day and something more nourishing at night but I have been suffering this season and this AMAZING product is my newest love in a long line of crushes! It is silky, creamy without being gooey,glides on like a dream leaving SUCH a gorgeous velvety finish behind that I can use it 24/7! No makeup smearing! It repairs the delicate eye-area tissue at a deep level with gorgeous botanicals and I can honestly say it “fixed” my dry-eye bugaboo in about 3 days!!! The entire area around my eyes looks rested and repaired and someone even asked “what I had done…?” Always a nice thing to hear when you’re smearing on and not healing from a procedure! It tightens but not like a gel and if applied at night, you can see a HUGE difference the next morning! A tiny drop goes a long way and I’ve been applying any overage to my upper-lip area as well for similar spectacularly-renewed results! I can see where my eye area has actually been evened-out in terms of color and texture!

Eye creams can be notoriously pricey, many claim to do things we as consumers WANT to believe-this Suki eye cream rates among THE very finest on the market regardless of brand or price. If you’re also in need of some serious TLC around your pretty-peepers, you couldn’t ask for anything more effective and gentle at any price! If there was one single product I’d tell a “young girl” to begin to use early on, it’s a wonderful eye cream and this one is one to use for a lifetime of pretty eyes!

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and also note that one of my favorite models of all time, the gorgeous, perfectly-skinned and glowing Kate Dillion is now the “face” and spokesperson for the Suki brand. She personifies a truly beautiful “real” girl to me and yet another reason to love how Suki thinks!

Are you also suffering from miserably dry eye-skin this season? How do you stay glowing and moist when the weather sucks you dry each time you go out the door? I am already feeling Spring because of my Suki products: they make my face feel new again!

Suki is carried at Whole Foods and if you haven’t tried the line, you are missing out! Who here is a Suki-Head!!

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