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The fabulous reps from Sue Devitt sent Meg’s Make-up a bunch of gorgeous products out to review!

I can’t tell you how exciting it is when the girls come over and we open up the products to distribute. I would say its like being a kid in a candy store but even as a child there was something more thrilling for me. There was nothing better then being handed a box of brand-new Crayola Crayons! The kind with the sharpener right on the box. I think opening these boxes are the closest I’ll ever come in my life to recapturing the joy of the Crayola experience. It’s really not that different. The joy on everyone’s face as we pass the different colors, the hope of making something beautiful and the smell! We smell everything, I used to be intoxicated by a whiff of the opening of my new Crayola box! It mirrors today as we ooh and aah everything scented as its passed around the table.

Sue Devitt is one of those make-up artists I would always read about but before this mailing I wasn’t too familiar with her line. What a great introduction to all things Sue Devitt! We had quite an array sent to us, from the e-z eye rollerball to her skincare our selection ran the gammut. Because this is an extravaganza all of the ladies lucky enough to now own a Sue Devitt item will tell you exactly what they got, the color and how it worked!

Here is a little bit about Sue Devitt. There are too many individual items to write about each one..”With a vibrant kaleidoscope of color collections complete with advanced skincare formulas, Sue Devitt brings together the best of both beauty worlds. A celebrity makeup artist from Australia, Devitt packs her products with complexion-perfecting ingredients from around the world, including those from her homeland. Her exotic collections for lips, eyes, and cheeks are rich with color and textures reminiscent of the outback and beyond, making this exquisite lineup a beauty adventure with endless destinations

Ladies please review and be really specific ! Let us know if you loved Sue Devitt so much you’d even use the burnt sienna or maize!

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