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stila holiday smudgepot colectionsGoddess Granny just back from Las Vegas and boy oh boy,have things changed there! You really have to look HARD to find some of the old glam and glitz and although the shopping and the shows are world-class, the service and presentations have become sort of average…I have always enjoyed the simple fact that most of what you see and feel while visiting Sin City is an illusion and it used to be that you were made to feel you were part of something “special” there. It has changed and I hope those decadent days of glitter will someday be obvious again!

I for one love change…I know it’s hard for many to embrace but I will add that when you somewhat rely on something to give you that thrill you crave it’s never good to be let down. I still love Las Vegas and even more important,I LOVE when a company that’s been around since 1994 is able to make those changes and continue to create cutting edge and fabulous products that ALWAYS deliver in style!

“Modern…versatile…easy to use” Words such as these are almost a constant when you read about the latest products from “Stila” The company was conceived by one of THE best makeup artists ever IMO, the gorgeous and ever so humble Jeanine Lobell in yes, 1994. It’s gone through some changes for sure but has been a constant and consistently praised and coveted line of cosmetics since the beginning. I remember reading that back in the day Jeanine refused to use a supermodel or “face” to represent her line: she didn’t want ANY woman to feel intimidated by an impossible beauty so the absolutely delightful and oh so pretty hand- drawn characters representing girls of all colors and styles decorate her signature packaging instead! I have a Stila dusting powder on my vanity that HAS to be about 10 years old: it’s a chic redhead on a darling tube of “Flaunt” in the scent of “Violet” sparkling body powder and although I think the powder itself is long-gone, I just LOVE the cool color of the packaging and that sassy girl, so I keep it around. Kiss

The products themselves are nothing short of genius and I personally feel that MANY have been “re-invented” in different ways over the years by others.Stila was the first to introduce convertible color that could be used all over the face,and their lip-stains are the stuff of legend! So many incredible offerings over the years,I don’t think I have ever been without a “Kitten” eyeshadow in my bag.

Recently,I’ve seen a freshening-up of the colorways and formulations and the recent “Stila Loves Barbie” was an AMAZING success! Who doesn’t love “Barbie” and wouldn’t like to believe their pout was the same shade of pink as hers? To my way of thinking, Stila is a dead-on hit whenever I gift it to anyone regardless of age or coloring. I have done so for many occasions and it’s always brought squeals of delight because you simply cannot go wrong,their palettes and tubes of colors are simply THAT good and that wearable!

The Holidays came early to my mailbox in the form of Stila’s awesome Holiday Smudgepot Collection!” Four, count em’ FOUR little pots full of the most gorgeous and oh so wearable colors: “Kitten” (my fave shadow!) a glimmering peachy-beige, “Violet”, an intense and fabulous true-purple with a shimmer, “Starry Night”, a deep and rich blue also with shimmer, and a perfect and true black that is so smooth and rich you can get lost in it! These four little pots of pleasure also come with a small and decent brush for use as an eyeliner but as with so many of the genius-Stila creations, you can also smudge on with your fingers or layer with a brush as a long-lasting eyeshadow!

I can’t begin to tell you how usable and wearable these shades are, I had on “Kitten” as a shadow combined with the “Violet” as a liner yesterday and it was just THE most perfectly pretty “of the moment” look I had worn in  a long time! The colors are very true and don’t smudge in spite of their name,once they set. I want to get super-brave and combine the “Starry Night” with the “Violet” then line with the perfect intense black next weekend. I simply dipped my finger into “Kitten” this morning and smeared a bit on and I feel all girly and pretty while folding the laundry, it gives such a pretty finish with no effort!

This collection will thrill anyone you gift it to, I promise but I also will insist that you scoop one up for yourself as well because you will NOT be able to resist once you see how perfect these shades are! How do they compare to my oh so favorite Urban Decay “Ink For Eyes” you ask?

They are different in that the colors are more intense, perhaps a bit more “glam” in that the blue and purple have shimmer in them. I’d say that the “Smudgepots” are a true kissin’ cousin’ to the “Ink” in terms of portability and wearability and I don’t say this lightly but I truly love them both!

I cannot live without eyeliner and to have SUCH a wealth of it presented WITH a decent brush in one small re-cycled and adorable package might well give me a case of the swoons,Wink!

If you’re looking to be thrifty this season,you could totally break up the set and present one color with maybe a brush or a shadow in a cute organza bag and no one would be the wiser, there’s a BIG bang for the buck in this package!

Who is planning on picking up one of these Stila smudgepot collections and who already has the smudgepots in their daily beauty arsenal? Which is your go-to color?

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