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Thank God it’s Friday! Cause Desertdoll is going to let you take a peek at the best items under the roof in Doll’s House.

I love Stila. Hands down, they are my favorite makeup line. There, I said it. But it is easy to fall in love with them. The blush just glides across your skin, the lipsticks, whether creme, shimmer or sheer, all stay put for ages. Then there’s their amazing eye shadow range that can be popped in and out of refillable palettes as the seasons (or your moods) change. I defy anyone who has swiped Holly Golightly across their lid to tell me they haven’t felt a pang of love!

But being who I am (an unabashed, lip gloss psycho), it’s their lip glaze that really makes my heart skip a beat. More on that in a moment…

From the minute I got involved with Megsmakeup, I have been signing the praises of Stila. It became my personal mission to get a product from them to review. It was my own holy grail, to get in touch with the correct person in the company and eventually write this post.

Imagine my delight when after numerous emails I was put in contact with the lovely Gulshen and she told me they’d love to send us a product to test! But wait, it gets better. She asks if we’d like to test their not yet released holiday lip glaze set called The Gift of Glaze. I do believe a jig was danced.

Stila lip glaze is legendary and is always a top selling product for the line. Created in 2000 for Cameron Diaz’s character in Charlie’s Angels, shades are based on and smell like edible flavors. Brown Sugar made it on my Top Ten lip gloss list earlier this year, Starfruit was my go to summer shade, a shimmering coral that matched any look I might be wearing. But it’s the limited edition Candy Cane that’s included in The Gift of Glaze that is making me gaga at the moment, a sheer golden red with gold shimmer that makes your lips the perfect “kiss me” shade. It’s on the far right in the photo (think rich but sheer persimmon rather than a cherry red). This shade alone is reason enough to get The Gift of Glaze, but you get 5 more gorgeous shades too!

Here’s what Stila has to say “This delectable stocking stuffer is the ultimate present for the gloss obsessed. The set includes six best-selling mini lip glaze shades – with two new flavors just for the holiday season. They are: two new limited-edition shade; nutmeg spice (a golden rosy peach with nutmeg flavor), and candy cane (a sheer golden red with a candy cane flavor), grapefruit, apricot, vanilla and brown sugar.”

And talk about lucky! Stila has given Megsmakeup readers a code for free shipping on anything $28 or above (the cost of this set). Use the link below and enter the coupon code MEGSPECIAL anytime between now and Dec 31st. But I’d buy this quick if I were you, this will surely sell out. Plus, they’ve got a great sale on Vintage items (older packaging) right now.

Ladies, if you were one of the lucky recipients of the Gift of Glaze, let everyone know your thoughts. Or if you’re a lip glaze fan in general, let’s show Stila the love they deserve!

The Gift of Glaze – Buy it Here!


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