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Hello there, ladies! Katie here, your resident Sephora expert!

I want to share a life ambition of mine with you all: One day, I want to have unlimited amounts of money and wear couture clothing every day, shop at Neiman Marcus and never look at price tags, and pretty much just be the it-woman international. Yes, I prefer Dior over Chanel. Prada over Gucci. Gap over Victoria’s Secret. Wait, no…

Nevertheless, I’ve got a plan! and no I am not going to share THAT with you all lest you try to beat me at my own game. However, I can tell you this: I’ve already got the couture makeup looks down pat! This fall Stila Cosmetics was responsible for the fabulous, and very fresh look on the Marchesa runways (pronounced (mar-case-uh)). Think perfect complexion (is that not ALWAYS in style?), matte but brightened eyes, loads of lashes and stained cheeks. Here’s the step by step (all products mentioned are Stila!)

Firstly, EVERYONE needs the Front Row Look palette available at Sephora (3 shadows and a liner for $40). Perfect complexion with a dab of Natural Finish foundation and the Perfecting Concealer. Then,

Step #1: Apply the lightest shade (bouquet) to entire lid. You want to create an even looking base on the lids—think coloring in layers not sweeping on color.

Step # 2: Apply a mix of bouquet and kamet to the lash line on both top and bottom. Lit it softly melt into a beautiful shade of pinks and grays. Blend well.

Step #3: Apply moonlight with a small brush to highlight inner corner, center of eyelid and under the brow.

Step #4: Take the kajal pencil in smoky quartz and apply 3 dots to lower lash line to crease a soft touch of intensity. Apply brown major lash mascara to the roots of top-lashes only and the ends and lower lashes with LOTS of Black MAJOR MAJOR lash mascara.

Step #5: Finish with stained lips and cheeks with two or three layers of cheeks and lips.

I wore this around for a couple of days this week and it’s amazing that matte shadows can give you such a bright-eyed look—especially when you skip the eyeliner but still abusively pile on black mascara. The great thing is the shadows in this palette work really well on the fairest redheads- to darker complexioned women.

Any other couture make-up fans?!


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