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I’ve always heard that eyes are the windows to the soul. Lovely sentiment. But what happens when your windows have seen better days? You know, the weather striping is starting to sag. The trim is starting to look a bit dry and crumbly. There may even be some cracks in them. Do you just pull the blinds and give up? No, revamp them! Enter Sonya Dakar Visualift Eye Cream

This miracle in a bottle does just want it claims it will: helps firm, lift and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines around the eye area. It locks in skin’s moisture and helps heal, rejuvenate and sooth skin.

Oh does it ever! When the ever-glowing Mimi Dakar sent us the Visualift to review I literally jumped up and down. I am an eye cream connoisseur and I’ve had the luxury of trying some of the finest on the market. I knew with the first pump that this was at the top of the class. The formula is thick and creamy (thanks to shea butter) and the algae extract seemed to instantly revitalize my skin. There’s a reason they call this their best anti-wrinkle eye cream.

Would you expect anything less from Sonya Dakar? She’s been passionate about skin for over 30 years. Her mission? To give everyone the chance to achieve great skin. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to visit her Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills for one of her legendary facials, you can purchase over 120 plant-based products and benefit from her wisdom and dedication. Don’t believe me? Just look at the glowing skin of Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow or Debra Messing, only a few of her celeb clients.

In addition, ordering from their website is fabulous. They take a usually impersonal experience and make you feel really special. In addition to being able to email Sonya with concerns or advice, you can fill out a form and receive a custom skin plan prescribed specifically for your skin. If you decide to buy something you get ongoing support from your very own dedicated Skin Specialist. And it’s true, after a recent order I received both a hand-written card and an email from my consultant after I got the product, asking if I had any questions and letting me know if I needed anything else to contact her directly. It’s caring customer service like that rates very highly with me, almost as much as her amazing products do!

So ladies, let us know, has Visualift Eye Cream renewed your windows?

Sonya Dakar – Buy it Here!


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