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The beautiful and brilliant Nina from Smashbox met me out for lunch and handed me the Smashbox Beauty Holiday Collection!! It will be ironic that a collection for the cold months would save my life in the summer heat.

Living in Los Angeles is fantastic! Except when it is 104 outside and the DWP knows your electric transformer has blown up and they leave you without power for FOUR DAYS! Rachael and I checked into a hotel on the strip. We couldn’t take it anymore. No lights, no computer, NO A/C! Brutal is not strong enough a word. I had to hose down my dogs every hour!

Of course, last minute Sunday evening (before we are hotel living) Rach and I get invited to go to an A-List celebrity party. We shower in semi-darkness. By the time we are dressed (and yeah, I did get dressed in the dark) there is no light left to put on our Hollywood faces. None.

We’re lucky we found the keys to get out of here. Instead of panic, a calmness set in. I remembered my Smashbox Holiday Collection. Everything a girl could need to hit a celebrity shin-dig! I grabbed the entire collection and we put our makeup on in the car using the cars mirrors. Not ideal, but you know what? Not bad. Not bad at all.

Smashbox was so smart to put everything from their amazing deco looking brushes all the way to their glosses in a neat, zip-up carry case. The compact is so multi-functional, eyeshadows and then flip and there are your gorgeous blush colors all in one handy box (with mirror). The glosses are superb! The sexiest colors around. Absolutely a girl on the go MUST HAVE!

I dare say we looked pretty good for all the trauma. Everything in this collection gets an A+ from me. The colors are super flattering, the textures were velvet smooth and they lasted all night! It was quite a party, I hit the sheets at 7am. Smashbox stayed on me even when I got my ice coffee at 1pm.

Sometimes life hands you lemons, when that happens you should cut the lemons in half and use the juice to remove any self-tanner stains. Or in this case, grab your handy Holiday Collection from Smashbox and continue on with the show!

Look for its debut in Sephora! It’s fab!

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