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Goddess Granny here recovering from what has been WAY too many late nights lately,WAY too much fun,and WAY too much alcohol,dancing,and contraband! But after all, in this season of “giving”, don’t we also have to take a bit of time to enjoy the people and places that give us pleasure as well?

Normally speaking,I’m a rather disciplined creature of habit and efficiency but sometimes you have to put on those 5″ heels and let the devil have his way with you otherwise,what’s it all for?

Thank God there are an ever-evolving array of technological inspired companies out there who do understand that the ravages of life at it’s best and worst don’t need to show up on our faces the next day!The options we have combined with the tried and true remedies of sleep,water,and aspirin allow us to rinse and repeat the fun in record time without the proof of our follies starring at us in the mirror…

Skin Nutrition is indeed one of these face savers:
“Skin Nutrition International, Inc. is a leader in and pioneer of anti-ageing cosmetology and works closely with the world’s leading biotechnology companies and their scientists to deliver “cutting edge” world class products to the marketplace. Developed by internationally acclaimed cosmetic scientist, John Knowlton C.Chem, MRSC, Dip Cos. Sci (GB), Skin Nutrition International, Inc’s products contain the most technologically advanced active ingredients available and these set Skin Nutrition International, Inc. apart from others as they are often the first to use them in combinations for synergistic benefits, at maximum levels for optimal efficacy. This strategy is supported by comprehensive clinical research conducted by these leading biotechnology companies, to validate the efficacies of the active ingredients used.”

I had seen some of the products in catalogs and stores but because I tend to get overwhelmed by all the goodness out there,hadn’t yet tried anything they offered so when I received a sleek silver cylinder of their “Reconditioning Eye Serum” to evaluate,I was even more delighted than usual!

It’s basically a “total wellness” treatment for the eye area that contains enough of the good tech-stuff to work wonders on the eye area and it could not have shown up in my mailbox at a better time! Seriously,I have done some damage lately and my eyes were looking squinty,dry,and pretty damn sorry.It’s fabulous ingredients promise to reduce the symptoms of tiredness and stress while restoring that youthful glow!
There is a Santa Clause Virgina and he’s just come down my chimmney in a silver cylinder,LOL!

Gorgeous packaging and product,the texture is smooth and luscious without a DROP of stickiness or residue and I am swearing that within minutes of the first application,I DID look smoother and more rested as well as a LOT less crinkly and wrinkly!

I have had the op to test a few eye products recently but this one is by far the most effective the soonest! It feels a bit like you “have something on” at first but within seconds,it just works it’s magic and you look incredible! Makeup glides on over and I have been using it day and night with truly obvious and long-lasting results!I am a bit in awe of this one…

I will not lie to you,their prices are in the “Upper East Side” category but I’m beginning to think that less of a product that WORKS compared to more of one that simply does the job is the way to go? I can totally see myself replacing this when it’s gone and if you are also in need of a shot in the eye to really get you glammed up for the Season or simply to ease away the stress left behind by the thought of funky old Uncle Joe and moth-bally Aunt Milly coming to visit,do yourself and indulge or make sure your house-Elf sees this on your “I’ve been a good girl” list…I truly think this one’s worth it!!!

Buy it here: The site is informative,easy to use,and impressive as well which makes a dif for me these days…I am weary of snowflake-shaped falling cursors and computer generated Holiday music on websites!

Skin Nutrition BUY IT HERE!

Chime on in if you’ve experienced Skin Nutrition or any other eye serums you love!

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