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The simply wonderful Karen from her aptly named line sent us out some of her crushed mineral eye colors to try. It’s a whole new eyeshadow trend out there! I can’t ever remember buying an eyeshadow in a loose powder format. I always bought eyeshadows in the standard flip-top compact. Until this past year, I can’t even think of a time that I had the option to buy a capped loose powdered eyeshadow. With the onslaught of the mineral trend, the loose eyeshadow is all I seem to get sent out to try.

Beautyzilla has warned me so many times and I always want to remember her tip. It’s just old habits are hard to break but I swear I am trying to change the way I apply my make-up. I used to (and sometimes forget and still do) apply my foundation before my eyeshadow. When it came in pressed format it wasn’t that big a deal when I got the few stray shadow sprinkles on my face. I could usually just grab my trusty Kabuki brush and sweep it away without too much of a leftover smudge.

That technique has had to go out the door with the introduction off all these crushed powder mineral eyeshadows. Now, if I put my foundation on first and then try to apply my shadow, I’m looking at a holy mess. No Kabuki brush is going to be able to brush aside all of the extra powder that’s going to end up on my face. So here’s the rule, eyeshadow goes on first with your make-up application!

Simply Karen sent us out all different shades to try. Here’s what Simply Karen says about their crushed, mineral eye colors “Our long-lasting, natural crushed mineral eye shadow offers elegant beauty. It’s soft, subtle color blends easily for quick application. It can be applied dry for a more natural look, or applied wet you achieve a bolder eye or use as an eye liner. You can also mix with your favorite clear lip gloss for a custom lip color all your own!”

Ladies when you post please tell us the color you tested!

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