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Is there anything that’s really “simple” anymore? Goddess Granny truly is beginning to believe that the “older” I get, the less I know! Most things have become more complicated and time-consuming as well as more prone to drama than I would have ever believed! Now I am not saying I would be ready or able to give up things that make my life basically livable. I will say that fewer choices and things that work for me have become my goal: think of it as editing it all down to what matters, what is possible, and what you enjoy and then amplify and dream big from there! One perfect designer or custom-tailored dress works well because you KNOW you’ll look and feel amazing in a pinch every time you put it on…then you might consider adding another in a different color and so on until you have created the closet (and if you’re lucky!) and life-style of one’s dreams! No more throw-away clothing you end up spending more on that fits you terribly and there is much to be said for “keeping it simple” but it’s NOT always that easy to do! 

I have a long way to go but what I’m not doing anymore is adhering to my notion that “more expensive must be better” because lately I’ve noticed that prices are soaring while quality and content are diminishing! I’ll tell on myself and admit that recently I spent a ton of cash on an extremely “exclusive” skin care line: the packaging was glass and elegant, the products were extremely pure and “endorsed/used” by a woman who is basically flawless, and because my skin fights me daily, I wanted to see if a line of this renowned quality would truly make a difference. It did not.

Lovely to use, I felt fancy applying, but other than a bit of reduction in dryness, my skin really didn’t achieve that gilded-glow I had hoped for! 

I am continuing to sample skin care products that are “pure”: if you know me “natural” isn’t a notion I hold onto to for the most part. Some things can be improved upon in many cases but pure in the sense that chemicals and nasty ingredients are not involved or minimized and that what’s inside contains ingredients that will WORK even if they’re not expensive! Since 1960 (even I was young then!) “Simple Skincare” has reigned as the UK’s “number one” line of skincare products and was designed to care for even THE most sensitive skins without any ingredients known to cause adverse reactions of any kind! No perfumes, no colorants, no chemicals fillers,no fancy packaging…just simple products that cleanse and care for skin and that women love to use and can afford! 


I’ve seen this line in a number of mass-retailers recently and figured I needed to try SOMETHING from the wide range of cleansers, wipes and moisturizers so I grabbed the “Revitalizing Eye Roller” without having high expectations or going broke…yet again I was humbled by this not so simple product! Cool green tube with a sassy little rollerball that delivers a smoothing and soothing blend of vitamins, cucumber extract, and glycerin that glides on and de-puffs almost instantly with no effort! It’s a very light gel and there’s no need to pat or touch your eye area: simply roll it on and be delighted! It sets almost instantly: I’ve tried it under a number of under eye concealers and it’s perfect as a base…some eye products are not! Nothing fussy and this little cutie delivers great results and a much nice eye area without tugging or waiting for anything to soak in so you can apply your makeup! Yet again I took a chance without having a clue as to “what” I was buying and am absolutely delighted about my “find!” 

The “Simple” website is clean and serene and you can order online or check out your local mass-retailers to see if they have it yet.I am planning to try MANY more of their products because this brand has years of delighted British women singing their praises and I do believe for those of us with sensitive skin, “Simple Skincare” might just be a really great product to have here in the US as well! 

Buy your “Revitalizing Eye Roll-On” here:

This is a great product to introduce even the younger ones to skin-care habits early and it’s so nice and easy to use! I’m thinking one in the fridge as well as one in my purse for the warmer months because it really gives you a visual and emotional “lift” as well as helping to ease that dryness under the eye almost everyone suffers from!

Do you use products for the delicate eye-are religiously too? It’s the one place I feel needs a little boost everyday! 

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