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Meg here with quite a conundrum. I have Shisheido marked as a “Fab Friday” item. I thought from the packaging and quality and overall reputation of the company that everything was going to be very pricey. Well, while it certainly is not a DD, I’m looking through the press releases on the items Jenia so graciously sent us to try out and I can’t find anything over $100. In fact everything seems to run around $20-$60 except for the NutriPerfect Day Cream Spf 15 and Night Cream at $92. I guess I always just assumed Shisheido was created for really deep pockets and you know what they say about assuming.

Shisheido sent us ladies out 6 different items to test. I’m funny at our mailings, you would think I’d say “I’m grabbing this! And go pick first. I never do. It’s so strange. It’s one of the things I’m going to be working on. I’m a strong, vocal person but I have a deep fear of seeming rude or greedy. I also apologize to furniture when I bump into it and leave atleast a dollar tip at Starbucks for my $1.75 coffee. On the flip side, if I have one cigg left in my pack or there’s only enough champagne for one last glass-go for it. I can promise that will be the last thing you ever go for though. Addiction is stronger then affliction.

Anywhoo, all the products were laid out and all the ladies made a play for them until there was one lone lipstick left. It was tre’s uber Barbie pink. A frightening pink that screamed “Baby Jane”. Back to the don’t judge a book by its cover, I said I’d test it and opened it right there. It’s a great spring color. The color is Rouge Iris from their shimmering lipstick line. It went on suble like a gloss with golden, metallic shimmers. It also is packed with oils that feel so smooth on your lips. The girls should have read the press release before they chose because this lipstick is “A new shimmering lipstick innovation, combining the glossy brilliance of lip gloss with the staying power of lipstick”.

I can hear Desertdoll kicking herself from here (about a 2 1/2 car ride away.)

If everything the other ladies chose performed as well as my new shimmering lipstick then I think Shiseido is a beautiful brand with an upscale, yet realistic price tag. My shimmering lipstick retails for $22.00

Thank-you for reminding me that the “If you have to ask then you can’t afford it”. mantra is not always true.

Ladies please post what Shisheido item you tested and how it fared? Other Shisheido fans let us now what else we need!!

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