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siennaWe all have our “beauty demons” right? Goddess Granny has made it a point to notice that when you read about even the most spectacular of women,they usually also have an “issue” they wish they could wave a wand and change! This is nothing new…I have read about the “screen sirens” of the past and they too endured and suffered for beauty as well as noting their personal “flaws and shortcomings” in print. Even Marilyn Monroe suffered chemical burns on her scalp on a regular basis from heavy hair-bleaching sessions and extreme hair removal techniques designed to “raise her hairline!”: it’s damn HARD being a women or well-groomed pulled together person in general and even when the planets all align on a certain occasion and we honestly feel we look amazing at that moment,most of us will still “see” that perceived flaw starring back at us from the mirror…

I despise my eyebrows (or lack of) and now that I have said it out loud it becomes real, right? Thin, sparse, greying and shapeless-they have been the biggest obstacle for me to try and overcome for years when making up my face. Products are either too dark, too fake-looking, too hard to use-you name it! I have tried to bolster them up with some techy-products currently on the market with “okay” results but honestly nothing can really correct the shape unless it’s ME doing it! After all this time, I sort of know my face and how I like to present it. I also know that it can be pretty scary if your eyebrows are wonky as it throws everything else off! Art requires balance to an extent Kiss

For over 30 years, Eugenia Weston has practiced her “art” of makeup and her resume is a who’s who of celebs, experiences, the master (IMHO) of makeup himself, Kevin Aucoin called her one of his “muse’s” in his book: when you visit the website,be sure to read about this lovely lady who has truly defined the term “makeup artist” for so many years! Her innovative “Senna Studio” products continue her tradition of excellence in a competitive field even today! She is obsessed with perfect brows and her perfectly designed “brow kits” were the FIRST on the market with the average applicator in mind! Many have borrowed inspiration from her system and have even duplicated but having tried more than a few other brow-enhancing products, I can personally say this is one hell of a product!

“Form A Brow”
kit is housed in an elegant, high-quality company that holds 3 shades of subtle brow-colors (available in 5 colorways to match everyone’s hair!) and two simple but very effective tools. Also included are “brow stencils”: now before you start snickering and envisioning images of Sharpie-pen textured bad-brows, hear me out! The stencils are perfect for anyone who needs to fill-in, re-shape and teach anyone how to correctly balance, attempt to re-grow and apply product for what will look like perfect brows in minutes. Whether you have over tweezed or been the victim of an overzealous brow-tech (I feel your pain Chelsea!:) this kit will be your saving grace! I will also mention that I ordered up another kit for a friend who recently lost much of her hair to chemo-treatments,’nuff said…it’s literally a God-send in beauty challenges such as hers.

The easy to follow instructions show you exactly how and where to position a stencil (there are 4 choices of “styles”) and you then fill in with the powder applicator using short strokes and brush through for a natural look! I like to follow with a setting gel on my own.You can literally re-design or clean up your brows in minutes or use the stencils to plan a future grow-in secure that the look will be on point and perfect! Seriously, this kit is genius and I think anyone could benefit from Eugenia’s expert designs! You have the pro “3 point system” of shaping brows at your disposal without the usually hefty price tag and this has been my saving grace product for a couple of weeks since it landed in my lap! I am now obsessed with TRYING to grow and re-shape my wayward brows using the stencils and product are helping a LOT! Even the “thin” shaped stencil is graceful and on trend! The quality is exceptional and after a couple of tries, I think anyone can achieve breathtaking brows with little effort!

Buy it here:

If you’re oh so lucky to have GREAT brows,enjoy them! Know I am jealous but if you have overtweezed,or overwaxed, have thin or sparse hairs or in general don’t have that sexy “Angelina” (who IS one of her client’s!) arch,Senna’s “Form a Brow Kit” WILL become your new BFF very quickly,promise! It is the original kit and again,I have tried more than a few on the market,I believe to be the BEST kit for creating a natural,glamorous brow- frame for your beautiful face and I’m a huge fan of this product!

Go to the “What’s New” section of the Senna website: the makeup “looks” shown are simply TDF! Eugenia also offers a “beauty classroom” and I am dying for every product she features on this page? Another amazing “boutique line” that is FABULOUS and I’m all over this website!

Have you also lost sleep over your brows? How do you groom and/or correct and have you ever tried to rehab them yourself?

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