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Kate2004rock brings you the inside secrets of Sephora as only an insider can!

Spring is coming, thankfully! I like winter, but I do NOT like to walk across campus when its 20 degrees outside. I did not sign up for this frigid weather, this is Mississippi after all! Besides the groundhog and the shadow and all that, spring also means new collections at Sephora! And let me tell you, there are a few things that I am excited about! Like…

Urban Decay Loose Pigment Shadows. “These powdery-fine, silky-soft shadows deliver more intense color than pressed or cream eyeshadows. Try a little for a sheer wash of color, or layer for bold, shimmering hues. With everything from bold brights to pretty neutrals, there’s something for everyone!” I really like how there’s some of the standard, (and wonderful) colors like shattered, baked, smog, and X and also some really fabulous looking new ones like Rockstar.

You know when guys start talking about TV’s and Megabytes and Hi-def? Well I get that sort of glazed look when they do–it doesn’t mean anything. It might as well be in Chinese. But now, I won’t have to…because Cargo has translated it into my language with their new blu_ray collection. “The blu_ray™ Collection is an assortment of CARGO’s newly created blu_ray™ products. Developed in response to the needs of makeup artists shooting in high definition, these specialized products work for high-def and are ideal for perfecting the skin while still giving a natural look.” First of all, they come in this really sleek, futuristic packaging. Compacts – no more tins that can cut a slice in your finger deep enough to cause major blood loss (been there…)! You get a blush, highlighter, mascara, foundation, and gloss quad for $59 – that’s a steal!

And just when you think Stila couldn’t get any more divine (the black smudge pot is my best friend) – they go and come out with Shadow DUOS! HOLY CRAP! Kajiki with pewter gray/aqua blue looks so pretty! Look out NARS duos – these are gonna give you a run for your money with these lovely color combinations – and $12 cheaper too!

We love makeup. We love Korres. Korres now makes makeup – and its only available at Sephora! Water-based foundations (oil-free) with Ginger, Vitamins, and SPF 10? LOVE it! Mango Butter Lipsticks with SPF 10 that nourish, hyrdate and soothe lips in beautiful, wearable colors. Get the paper bag, I’m hyperventilating! (By the way if you’ve never used the pure mango butter for dry wind-damaged beat up skin, you havent lived). I might just be ordering some of this for myself! I NEEEEED one of those lipsticks!

Ok – start spending! Report back!

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