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Every Saturday Kate2004rock brings you Sephora information like only an insider can! She’s back to school this week with her deb tips!

Scarlett O’Hara is my soul sister. I’m not gonna lie, I love her. She is a badass. She knows how to control the boys. She always looks fab. She gets her way. She is the ultimate Southern belle. And I mean, we southern belles know our sh*t. The University of Mississippi is the #5 party school in the country – and I mean that’s something. We have only 12,000 students. The University of Texas (#1) has 50,000. Do the Math, that pretty much makes Mississippi AWESOME! Football games, Friday nights, Debutante balls: the girls down here always do it right! [See picture. New Year’s Eve 2006: Montgomery Alabama. Mystic Order of Revelry debutante ball. That’s real life!] Gloooory Glory Halleluuuujah. Glooory Glorry Hallelujah. The SOUTH! Will! RISE! AGAIN!!!(waving red pompoms!).

The essentials:

1) Good tan. (NOT from a tanning bed.) I’m loving! the St. Tropez tanning system. Dior and Guerlain make spray bronzers (for the face, natch). They come in aerosol cans and they hit all the right parts of the face and you don’t even have to mess with a brush and a compact. They’re awesome. Vincent Longo Golden Glow is a great color because its mostly gold, not too brown.

2) Eye-makeup 101: Black black mascara. DiorShow Blackout pretty much rocks. Bourjois also just came out with a ultra-black version of the Volume Glamour formula. Also, we all laugh at the girl. You know who she is. You see her while you’re walking to your 9am class. She’s walking back from Fraternity Row. High heels in hand. Mr. Last Night’s t-shirt on over her party top. Eye make-up smeared all over her face. It’s called the walk of shame. And he was NOT worth it if he won’t even drive you home. Well, that girl is not me. Last night I crashed at a guy friend’s house. Not a sleeping together thing. It was a I fell asleep on his couch after too many margaritas thing. So of course he didnt have a cleanser to borrow. He proably didn’t have a bar of soap in that place. But when I woke up, 12 hours after initial makeup application, my eyes were perfect. Thank you Urban Decay Primer Potion. And especially to Smashbox JetSet Waterproof Gel Liner in Lust. My eye-liner had not BUDGED! YES!!!!!

3) Smellng Sweet: Need a nice girly perfume. Make those boys drooool! Miss Dior Cherie. Burberry Brit. Vera Wang Princess. Armani City Glam.

4) Blushing isn’t from boys all the time. NARS Orgasm is a classic. DuWop has these new things called BlushBoosters. They’re buildable blush color – you can do a lot or a little. I love the color pomegranate. Ooooh its lovely! Tarte Cheek Stains are great too – Blushing Bride is a really flattering color.

5) Shining is for a personality. Not for your face. The Laura Mercier loose Tranlucent powder dusted on a finished face keeps you flawless and shine-free. Boscia blotting linens are great to keep in your purse for after-lunch touch-ups.

6) Great makeup is nothing without great skincare. Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion is a perennial favorite. My personal favorite is the Caudalie Premiere Vendanges moisturizer.

7) The Mane Thing. Shiny beautiful hair. It’s an essential. The Phyocitrus mask is great. Use it once a week for beautiful shiny, soft, silky hair. I use it every other wash ( I have really thick hair) as a conditioner. Of course you need VOLUME: I actually use the Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy mousse.

Anyone else back to school? What are your essentials?

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