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Oh. My Gosh. It is november. Already. What have I been DOING since….well about August. Time flies when you’re having fun, I suppose. Since it’s November – all the stores now have all there Christmas displays out. Ornaments and wrapping paper and all that stuff. I really don’t like it. I just don’t like having to deal with Christmas so early. Why do they have to put a rush on November? I like november. Thanksgiving is a very underrated holiday. I think I like it because its still kind of a big deal, but so much more low-key than Christmas. I also think the 4th of July is very underrated. People just dont seem to care. I like hot weather, and barebeque and fireworks and so I love the 4th of July. Valentine’s day is way OVERrated. Its a stupid holiday.I really just don’t like it.

On a semi-related note, I also think Bourjois cosmetics are very underrated. I think the poor little line gets over looked a bit. It’s true, some of their packaging is a little much, (which sort of surprises me about a French line…but whatever). But they pack some great punch. Their lip products are all fabulous. The lipsticks have the BEST texture. They’re light and moist-enough to feel good but not so moist that they slide right off. I LOOOOVE the Eau de Gloss water glosses. They feel sooooo good on your liiiiips. They have a formula of mascara for every whim. I really need to try the new ultra-black Volume glamour. Their metallic eyeliners are waterproof as well and very soft. They glide on just slightly easier than the UD pencils (sorry UD, I still love the pencils though!) They have some inexpensive but pretty nice brushes in their line if you need a little travel set.

I don’t think the Dior Cosmetic line gets enough love either. People always fall all over themselves for Chanel. But Christian Dior (and John Galliano for that matter) is my boyfriend. These are the people who brought us DiorShow mascara. HELLO! It is a gift from God. As you all know, I LOVE the spray on foundation. I also love all the lip products here too. Love the glosses and the lipsticks, especially the DiorRouge lipsticks. They definitely always go the extra mile with packaging. Their limited-edition stuff is always to die for. Skip their brushes although I want to say the discontinued them anyhow. Also love the perfumes. Miss Dior Cherie. J’adore. Addict and Addict 2. Love them!

Any love for Bourjois and Dior out there? Can I get a oui!

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