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MASCARAGigi here! The bitter bare-bones beauty battle rages on (I dare you to say that three times quickly).

Things are becoming more sparse at my local store, and thus I drew on my marketing degree and created a schematic of how I would utilize unoccupied floor space and shelves to entice shoppers. 

I spoke with executives at the corporate level, offering them suggestions.  I explained that displays that face the window and not the shopper won’t win customers and that teeth marks on a lipstick package and one single glove in a pair to wear overnight with hand cream need to be addressed; with all respect, the days of one glove went with much-loved Michael Jackson. 

I used a football analogy.  This is not a field.  I don’t want to rush one hundred yards across the open carpet to tackle beauty items.  I have new Megheads to meet, friend Megheads to greet, reviews to write, and comments to make on the site!

The executives of this company were excited.  I could hear computer keys clicking away as I spoke.  They promised that they would be returning my call soon and would like to deal with me personally.  Ah, open minds! 

Evidently, something was lost in translation.  The phone did ring the following day and I was excited to see that it was the manager of the local branch.  Evidently they had contacted her.  She asked, “Why do you hate our cosmetics?”   

As Lucy Ricardo would say, “Aye carumba!” 

I repeated the aforementioned comments and I’m sure it was an emery board my ears detected sawing through her fingernails.  I wanted to know why brands like Rimmel weren’t carried and the response was “What’s a Rimmel?”  Finally she said, “This is to be a clutter-free store.”  I said politely, “But it is also product-free.”   She said the unthinkable:  “Who looks for makeup in drugstores anyway?”  I nearly fainted!  That is shopping blasphemy for this reviewer!  This is a true story, so I’m taking on the “big boys” again.  I am woman.  Hear me roar.  And I really hate that lame song.

My husband was kind enough to drive me elsewhere to help me to purchase two items by Rimmel, from their collection of three new revolutionary mascaras (the Drugstore Dealer has to be frugal and could not purchase all).  Their  basic mascara is legendary, although I’ve never tried it.

There is a current promotion by Rimmel–you receive a free soft kohl lining pencil with the mascara.  Evidently my terrier mix Skittles was annoyed that I was dealing with cosmetics and not her, and thus she stole one liner and had it between her paws.  I took it away and patiently explained that black can be overwhelming and garish for those with very fair fur.  Like me, she is a “girly-girl.” This liner is so soft that it applies itself and, when smudged, can create a sultry, sexy look.  Just not for Skittles. 

I have to come out of the department store closet.  I love Lancome’s Definicils among other pricey brands, so I didn’t expect much.  However, Rimmel’s “Lash Flirt” flexible and unique pink (yes, pink!) brush does define lashes, allowing you to find hidden ones (mine are so well hidden that they can be non-existent unless I prime lashes and use a curler).  It sells for about $6.99.  It promised an eighty percent increase in length and volume.  I took out my homemade lash-o-meter.  Sorry, but Rimmel is more mathematically challenged than I.  Mine measured an enhancement of only 27.04239% calculated with a margin for error.  The formula stays soft upon application and there are no problems with clumping.  I asked my husband to tell me what he thought of my mascara.  He said, “Oh, you are wearing some?”  I would rename this “Lash Wallflower” and bypass it. Frown

On the other end of the spectrum is their “Glam Eyes.”  This texture is reminiscent of Maybelline’s “Full and Soft” and remains pliable. It has a GPS to track each lash as well and remains moist so that you can apply more coats.    There is some clumping, but nothing that can’t be handled.  Careful here–I built coverage and I wound up with “arachnid eyes.”   Please don’t make a lash of yourself.  It is highly pigmented, almost to the point of what to wear with your Halloween costume.  I recommend this version, but be sure not to overdo.  It’s a good idea to keep a clean lash comb to remove excess and recall that less is more.  For drama, it’s excellent. Smile

Back to Lash Flirt–I reneged and Skittles is wearing it anyway.   I kept Rimmel’s  Glam Eyes.  I don’t have the heart to tell Skittles that she looks freakish but she has eyes set on a huge Doberman named Capone across the street.  When she complains about relationship problems, I have to remind her that she keeps pursuing the wrong types for her. . . what some women don’t do for love!

Rimmel Lash Flirt? Thumbs down. Rimmel Glam Eyes? Thumbs up!

Any other ladies out there that get so turned off when the displays are a mess and products have been open and laying around-Ugh!

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