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RIMMELMASCARAStacy B here! I have a beautiful, hilarious 22 month old baby boy. He’s a riot and the best part of my day (week, year, month, LIFE) but he wears me out! Sleep is definitely a commodity in our house, and I’m learning new tricks all the time about how to look well rested when I’m not. While I do place my son in the center of my life, I also try hard not to be one of ‘those’ parents. You know, the ones where EVERYTHING revolves around the kid they constantly bail out of things because ‘they have a baby and are just so worn out, they couldn’t possibly go out and have fun’. Kids are tough, I know, but you have to have fun on your own once in awhile!
I try to still get together with friends, do a few things for myself like some shopping, a girls lunch or yoga because I truly believe that happy parents are the best parents. A dinner out or a movie once in awhile isn’t going to hurt your kid and it gives you a chance to be you again. And if you’re like me, you have parents beating down the door to spend time with the little kiddo. A grown-up night out, a happy kid, satisfied grandparents…it’s a win-win (and win) situation.
Those fun “for the Moms and Dads” nights out may not happen that often, but they do come around every few weeks. With a very active toddler, I just can’t sleep in the next day, or get to bed a night earlier so I’m more rested for the outing. I have to make do with what I have: cover up, eye shadow primer, a good eye liner and a tube of mascara that splays out those lashes and opens my eyes right up. You can fool anyone with a good arsenal in your makeup drawer!
This week, I am in love with Rimmel London’s “The Max: Volume Flash Mascara” . It’s comes in a sassy hot pink tube and it wakes my eyes right up. I have it in black, but I’ve been known to try mascara in ‘very brown’ or ‘black-brown’ before since I do have lighter brown hair. But this black works fine for me! When I first opened it, I was a little iffy on the brush. I had a ‘you get what you pay for’ moment. It looked a little cheap, really thick but the bristles were kind of all over the place. I thought “I’m totally poking myself in the eye so many times because of this”. But…I tried it anyway. No eye injuries yet!
I have average lashes, not too big, not too long, not to full. Just average. Those funky bristles must have reached right in and grabbed every last one because my lashes looked great! Spread out, long, thick, it was amazing. Maybe the bristles being sort of out of control actually helped grab all the lashes? I’m going with that. It took a few swipes to get all my lashes covered but it looked great after. Even without shadow, my eyes instantly looked more awake and alert. I used it with and without an eyelash curler and both times I noticed a difference.
It says right on there “skinny to fat lashes in a flash” and I believe it! It’s not waterproof, but so far it’s stayed put. We are in the middle of a sweltering, humid heat wave here in Boston and even with air as thick as water, it stayed put. It washed off easily, too, so I wasn’t scrubbing all night trying to get it off.
I have a wedding coming up in two weeks (one of those fun ‘Mom and Dad’ nights out!) and I’m definitely using this to make sure that no one can tell I was woken up at 6 am on a Saturday morning to a little boy demanding milk in a blue cup and ‘faffles’ (translation: “waffles”!)

Are you a fan of Rimmel? What mascara is your go to? How about Mommy Daddy “date nights?”

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