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Meg here! It’s wonderful to have great friends that are also beauty junkies! My really great girlfriend Dawn McCoy over at and I got together to have a little vino (shocker) and talk all things about Revlon Photoready Eye Primer + Brightener


We have some tips on how to use it! A lot of women haven’t incorporated highlighter into their beauty routines and they really should. It mimics a “good night sleep” for all of us. I love to use it just uder my eyebrow. I apply it above my shadow and on the brow bone to give a fresh faced look.

I also use the same Marilyn Monroe trick that Max Factor taught her. Apply it on your clavicle bones and shimmy a little between the cleavage for a grown up, sexy sheen. It also looks great on the top of the cheek bone, and a dot above your top lip, rightin the center, will give the illusion of a perkier pout.

Dawn is a guru and loves to put it around her eyes in the orbital section (didn’t know that one!) You learn a new trick everyday.

Check out our video and also get ready to win! Revlon is giving away ten of their Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel.

I’m off to pitch what I’ve been working on for TWO YEARS today so please send me good vibes!

I’ll send them back to you because if you’re one of the first ten commenters, shoot me an email (immediately please) with your address and I’ll forward it off to Revlon so we are sure you get your gift! Do tell! What is your top highlighter trick?

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