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We’re proud to have Rachael Robbins, our own Beautyzilla, present this week’s drugstore deals…

“I just wish I could create a smoky-eye look without looking like I ran into a door”. That is basically the universal whine I hear from all the make-up challenged people in my life. A smokey eye seems to be the Holy Grail for some people. It’s true that a smoky eye done right can make even the plainest face seem sexy and alluring. It’s the difference between pretty and WOW! But done wrong, it can make pretty, well, pretty scary!

The best thing about drug store eye shadows is that they contain a minimal amount of pigment, compared to their high end counterparts (i.e. MAC). Working with highly pigmented, dark colored eye shadows can be a challenge even for the most accomplished make-up artist! When I worked as a professional make-up artist I actually used Wet and Wild shadow palettes! Why not make my job as easy as possible?

But I have discovered a better option for you guys! Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow in Coffee Bean! This beautiful palette contains four shades to create the most flattering look for your eyes for whatever occasion! I tried it out for a daytime look in the city. I met up with my friend Nicole, who is a make-up artist to the stars and she flipped over my shadow. “What are you wearing on your eyes? I LOVE it” she proclaimed! When I told her it was Revlon she was floored!!

To get the best results apply the shadow with a fluffy eye shadow brush. And if you make a mistake try the Revlon‘s Make-up Eraser Pen! This new product is NOT a gimmick, it really really works! I have no idea HOW it works, but it does. But be careful, it will take off every layer of make-up, not just the mistake!.

Here’s another tip for breezy smoky eye application: Do your eyes first and then apply foundation to your face. This is a trick professional make-up artist use to prevent those annoying flecks of eye shadow from settling under your eyes and making you look like you’ve been on a bender with Kate and Pete!

Ladies, let me know your favorite DD shadows! Any other tips you are willing to share on the perfect smoky eye is always appreciated!

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