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Meg here and I’m back from Paris! It was great and I thought I was doing really well on the jetlag except I wrote this entire post out and I was actually funny and clever! I swear I was! And then I promptly closed the window before saving it. So maybe I am a little jetlagged. I am sure I am not going to be as clever or funny this time. Jokes are never good the second time around.

Eyebrows, you need to take care of them. If your “eyes are the window to the soul.” Then you can’t have shoddy shutters. When I was in Jr. high, I decided it was a really good look to pluck my eyebrows into a severe thin line. I thank God they grew back. There must have been something in the water because my bestfriend bleached hers later that year. We weren’t emo or punk or even in the drama club. She just bleached them to a level of invisible off her face because she thought it would help pull out her highlights. It’s not just a tale of teenagers, years later I was on a model shoot and the makeup artist significantly shaved a ton of my right brow off. I didn’t notice until hours later when I was home to wash my face. At least I can take comfort that I didn’t shave off my own eyebrows, unlike Molly Ringwald who did that very thing in high school.

Brooke Shields, Frida Kahlo, my dog Prudence. Eyebrows are a big factor, they frame the face, make you appear more youthful and open up your eyes.

Revlon Brow Fantasy is a great 1, 2 Pow! The color is natural, it applies gentlyand it stays. The sheer setting gel on the end will keep your brows perfectly in place. Now you don’t need to worry about blinding yourself with hairspray!

So check out my video, and Revlon is sponsoring a give away! The first 10 comments will win you a Revlon Colorstay Lengthening Mascara! This is a goodie. As soon as you see that you are one of the first 10 comments, please email me your address right away. There is a “write Meg” button on this page.

So get to commenting, watch the video and fess up! Brow horror stories?

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