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Meg here with a little confidential info on When you have a blog or a website there is a tool called “Google Analytics” that you can log into. What does it do? Well, its very helpful, it shows how many readers you get, where they live (CA and NY are our largest audience.) What the top keywords are typed in to reach our site. You may think the top words would be “lipgloss” or “eyeliner” or “green products” (I thought so anyway.) They’re not! You how over 400 new members find megsmakeup a day? Well about everyday 400 women enter the term “Revitalash” and are sent to our reviews on this product. If you go to Revitalash? Should I Buy This? You’ll have some insight on how this all came about. I knew nothing of Revitalash, this was back almost a year ago. Our readers knew all about Revitalash and left 19 extremely detailed, passionate reviews on how this was a “must buy”. The comments were outrageous “never wear mascara again” to the truly unbelievable “I have to trim my eyelashes they’re so long now!”

It took me about a year (I know, I’m speedy) to reach out to Revitalash and see if they wanted to do a promotion with Since their review was over a year ago, if they would advertise and support us over here our readers could trust that we were not just pushing the item to make a buck. It really is more to spotlight them since so many women have been searching for reviews and trying to learn about this miracle-albeit pricey product.

After a few calls, I finally got in touch with the creator, Dr. Brinkenhoff. Speaking with him was a real pleasure. I wanted to make sure that before I got behind this amazing product it was all safe. I mean people loved Fen-Phen too and look where that got us. Skinny with a side of heart attack, anyone? After an in-depth conversation, with the good Doctor ( A very respected ophthalmologist) I had no reservations about standing behind this product. In fact, as I stare at my new, Bette Davis eyes I am assured they are as good for me as they look! How do they look? SO LONG! THICK! FULL AND LUSH!

The RevitaLash Story

It all began because a husband wanted to give his wife a very special gift…

RevitaLash™ was developed by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff as a special gift for his wife, Gayle, while she was recovering from breast cancer. Intensive chemotherapy treatments had damaged Gayle’s once-beautiful eyelashes, leaving them sparse, breakable and fragile.

After extensive research with a team of talented cosmetic chemists, Dr. Brinkenhoff formulated an eyelash conditioner that, after just a few weeks, gave a renewed look of vitality to Gayle’s eyelashes.

Soon friends and family wanted to know Gayle’s secret to beautiful looking eyelashes. Gayle knew immediately the perfect name for the amazing eyelash conditioner that had given her eyelashes a renewed look of vitality: RevitaLash™.

Thus, a new product was born; and a formula created originally for just one special woman has become a product available to women everywhere who want to have beautiful looking eyelashes.

Gayle and Michael are committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from RevitaLash™ sales to benefit non-profit breast cancer research and education initiatives. In fact, they give them away to women that have completed their chemo!
“Often we feel helpless when someone we love is suffering. I am very fortunate, in my own small way, to have been able to help Gayle through her recovery. Watching her be excited about her beautiful looking eyelashes has been a real joy.”

Don’t you love when there is a miracle product that is 100% made with love and care? espescially when that translates into bringing your inner beauty out? Any more Revitalash addicts?


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