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mascara1Jas here! Don’t you love it when you add a minor new item to your wardrobe or just a touch of virtually imperceptible enhancement to your beauty regimen that alters your appearance enough that people notice and rave about how great you look but can’t quite put their finger on how you’ve done it? “Wow, Jasmine, you look great! What’s different? Did you get a haircut?” Yes! Victory! It’s usually a new eye shadow or a new part in my hair, but it makes me happy all the same. I think that’s one of the most fun things about being a woman and a slave (voluntarily, ha-ha!) to the the practices of the standard beauty regimens. You get to play around with the subtle nuances of your look and morph into someone new for the moment. It’s the closest thing to magic that I can perform anyway!

Of course I’m sure we all love trying the latest breakthroughs in beauty and cosmetics, and for me mascara is at the top of the list. However, I expect a lot out of the makeup I choose. My idea of the perfect mascara is one that lengthens, thickens and volumizes; but it cannot get that overly clumpy, spidery look and be gentle on the eye. The worst thing to me is a mascara that is powerful enough to provide all these things, but burns my eyes because of the materials they use to make it “fiber-like” or so “waterproof” that I can go for a run through the rain, take a dip in the Pacific, and still wake up the next morning with it still perfectly caked on (blah! Not my cup of tea…)

mascara is made for me…or anyone for that matter looking to lengthen and thicken their eyelashes exponentially and still look natural. It is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Considering how dramatic the difference this mascara makes on my light and stubby lashes (even with just one coat!) I think I may have to classify this as a new edition to the “wonders of world” category – at least in the cosmetic universe. To be honest I was shocked…”I mean, yeah, Revitalash makes great products to grow eyelashes,” I thought, “but what do they know about making them up?” I should have known. Because honestly they are the experts when it comes to improving the condition of the hair on your head, so the potential for greatness is there. And damn, don’t they deliver!

This is the stuff dreams are made of…mine anyway. After the first coat, my eyelashes stand at attention, full and bat-worthy. Two coats – they fill out to almost cover my eyelids. A dab more and my lashes hit my brow. Oh what a feeling. And man do I feel sexy when I’m wearing it – I feel like I can pull off that come-hither look from behind my heavy lids and skyscraper lashes effortlessly. The first few times I even overdid it because I wanted to see just how long my lashes could get, but the formula is so great that I can easily pull off any clumps without making the lashes stick together and look like chunky spider legs  – that to me in and of itself is a miracle. No other product that comes close to these results for me has been this easy to manipulate. And of course, the best part? My boyfriend looking into my eyes and saying verbatim “Wow! Your eyes look beautiful today? Is that new shadow? Or did you get those eye extension thingies?”  Hahahaha love…you’l never know! (Cue cliche maniacal, mad scientist laughter here.)Much thanks and love goes out to this company’s brilliant line. You have a supportive fan for life in me, Revitalash. Muah!

What do you think about Revitalash mascara? What is your favorite brand?

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