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revitabrowJas here! Until 7 weeks ago, my eyebrows were an afterthought…if noticed at all. I have always had VERY light eyebrows. The hair is very thin and they just lay there in the same shape all the time. If it wasn’t for the fact that the hairs are medium brown, they would be almost undetectable. I never did anything to them. I just counted on my face moisturizer to keep them slick and together, though I won’t lie and say I actually thought about this because without checking I knew minuscule brows would be fine. To me, these things didn’t add anything to my appearance, they were just there for their primitive purpose of keeping dust and gunk from falling into my eyes, as God intended (I think…really, what are they for?) I know most ladies might think this is a blessing, and I must say I agree to a certain extent. I love not having to worry about plucking every week or paying someone else to groom them out of necessity. I have the luxury of not really paying attention to them at all.

That said, I mentioned a couple months ago that I got my first eyebrow consultation and makeover from some of the best brow workers in the biz at the Anastasia Salon. Since then I have realized that even with what little hair I have, there are things that can be done to them to make my brows pop and add some wow-factor to the eye. (my eyes are my favorite feature so I can’t believe I slept on this revelation for so long!) It really does make a difference when they are all cleaned up and shaped to perfectly complement your eye and overall face shape. Now, I am obsessed with making my look their best. I have been trolling makeup / beauty aisles looking for enhancers – pencils, powders, shapers, gels, brushes….you name it, I’ve probably tested it over the last couple months. Oy ve! Brow pencils work really well for me – fills them in and gives them a look of volume and drama – and I’ve just mastered the technique of applying and brushing the brows so that it looks natural and not like a desperate – and failed – attempt to achieve something reminiscent to the “Brooke Shields-esque” look. Yet the problem still remains – I have very little hair to work with!

Drum roll please….allow me to introduce RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner! Brought to you by the same manufacturers of the lovely RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner. Years ago I discovered RevitaLash and that, for me, it actually worked wonders. My eyelashes grew thicker and fuller just as advertised and even my boyfriend noticed and kept accusing me of wearing falsies or kept ordering me to wash my face because he thought I was wearing mascara to bed! That should give you an idea of how light and thin mine are and the drastic difference the conditioner made- I have a lot of hairs, they are just so short and straight naturally that they are pretty much imperceptible without mascara but they really became darker and noticeable and even curled up a bit with no product! So when I found out about RevitaBrow, it was a NO BRAINER! You mean I can actually have some real eyebrows?? And that they will look dark and full without drawing them on with enhancers? Sign me up!

So far, so very good. I have only been using it for a few weeks, but I have already noticed a difference. Though at this point I can’t say they are much longer or thicker than when I first started, they have gotten noticeably darker which has made my brow shape more distinct. I am sure this is because there are new baby hairs that are growing in right now, so I am anticipating that if things keep going as is, the increased fullness will be much more evident in the next couple weeks (I’ll check back in with the final analysis.) This is made with a similar formula as RevitaLash so it can be a little irritating if it gets in the eye, but because it’s on my brow, I find I can put this on anytime of day without fear of sensitivity (unlike the lash conditioner that needs to be put on before sleeping so it doesn’t get into your eyes.) My eyes are poppin!

If there are those of you out there like me that have thin brows and are looking to boost them without pencils and powders, then I think this is really worth a try. If you just want some extra thickness, I think this could be the answer as well, though I don’t know if your results will be as dramatic. Either way, I am a happy camper and hopefully one day soon I can give Brooke a run for her money.

Are you familiar with RevitaBrow or the RevitaLash brand? What do you do to maintain your eyebrow beauty?

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