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Meg here, in New York taking a bite out of The Big Apple. I am so grateful to have this time with
Karina and staying with my wonderful friend and fabulous hostess Mariana Nolan. It has been so much fun, really it’s so great to have time with fabulous ladies. It’s just the best, I feel bad for men sometimes because they’ll never experience the laughter that women experience in their ladies only club!

So I’ve been seeing Cheryl Burke (from Dancing With The Stars) all over the media yelling “Size 4 is not fat!” Apparently she’s the latest celebrity to be called overweight. This is ridiculous. The woman is not overweight in the least. This reminds me when Jenifer Love Hewitt was everywhere exclaiming the same thing. She was spouting off “I love my curves!” constantly. I just was a little bit confused when a very short time later she graced the cover of my US Weekly with the headline “How I Lost The Weight”

I believe Cheryl Burke is not fat, I believe Eva Longoria sounds like a complete idiot when she tells Allure Magazine “I’m not pregnant, I just got rounder, I’m still a size 0.” Yes, Eva I’m sure there were a lot of women that are a round size zero and know what you’re going through. If I ever find one I’ll be sure to offer that fatty my sympathy. I also believe that as soon as they drop whatever the “offending” weight was they’ll be back on the cover of one of my weekly rags letting us all know. Even though, you know, they “Love their curves!”

So what’s the deal? I mean if you’re going to make your curves your platform and get up on your horse then can you stay there? It would be better to not say anything then look like such a hypocrite.

This is easy for me to say. I am skinny. I don’t enjoy food so much. It’s not an eating disorder, I’m just not a big foodie. There are people that live to eat and people that eat to live. I’m definitely in the second category. I do understand addiction very well though. I have a very addictive personality and try to quit as I might, I’m puffing away on my ciggs writing this post.
While my habit is disgusting and harmful to others and will probably kill me, society is kinder to me then someone that over eats.

‘t imagine being a heavy person with an actual difficulty with their weight having to listen to this celebrity garbage. Cheryl, just do us a favor, I’m happy you’re happy with yourself and you’re speaking out. If you show up in my mailbox letting us all know how you “Slimmed Down.” Well, consider this your warning!

Am I the only one over the celebrity “fat” epidemic?

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