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We got a little thrown off with the holiday so Katie is bringing you Saurdays at Sephora on Sunday! Hope your 4th was wonderful! Love, Meg

Kate here! I’ve been there and I know it’s hard to do.  I’ve watched countless early 90210 episodes and I know that Kelly and Donna were ‘thin by all meanings of the word’.  But, my friends, it’s 2009 and it’s time to make a clean break, get sober, and put the tweezers down!  What starts as a “simple” pluck of a single stray transforms into Jackson Pollock random pop art.  And our eyebrows are the sufferers for it!  Thicker (or thick!) brows have been back for a while and personally, I really don’t think they ever go out of style (Hello, Audrey Hepburn!)  
I bring you photographic evidence to show you that I learned the hard way–but luckily before it was too late.  Above and right you see my senior picture (age 17) in the fall of 2003.  Excuse the bad eyeliner and acrylic nails but notice just how thin and uneven and unnatural my eyebrows were! I had a sickness and I didn’t know what a real eyebrow should look at.  About two years later, while I was working in a small cosmetics boutique in Oxford, Mississippi, the BrowGal on hand gave me an intervention!  She told me STOP!  Only pluck the ones that are really stray! And never from above the brow!  Just fill in with a little powder/pomade/gel if you please!  As you can see by July of 2008 I had truly recovered – and before it was too late.  It never is good when you have to DRAW on your eyebrows later in life.  They never look real!
– Hold a pencil or straight age beside your nose and straight up perpendicular to the inner corner of your eye.  Your brow should begin outside of this line and you can pluck any and all unibrow wannabes in between!  
– Extend your pencil from the outer corner of your eyes at a 45 degree angle.  Your brows should stop inside this line, so you don’t want them drawn or grown out to your temples.  That’s weird!
– If your brow hairs are particularly long, comb them all up with a brow comb or a clean toothbrush sprayed with a little hairspray.  Only trim the ones that go above your “horizon” line.
My brows are actually a little bit sparse towards the center so I do fill them in a bit every day.  Below are a few of my favorite brow products for you to pick and choose!
Tweezerman Slant Tweezer ($22).  I feel like slanted tweezers are much easier to maneuver than a pointed, so it doesn’t take so much time.
Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil ($22).  Comes in a wide variety of colors (from ash blonde to brunette to gray).  Just pencil in some color in your “bald spots” and use the spoolie brush at the other end to blend, buff, and shape.
Stila Brow Polish
($14).  Sort of combines both steps of the pencil mentioned above since the color and the brush are all in one step.  It’s the 1-2-3 easy method of brow coloring.
Smashbox Brow Tech ($24).  These also come in a wide variety of colors in the powder and clear wax duos.  Just use a stiff brow brush (they are usually angled and made of squirrel hair).  Paint a little bit of powder on first and then finish with wax to hold it in place.  Reverse these steps if you’re one that has more skin than hair above your eyes!

What are your favorite brow products and tricks?

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