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napoleon perdisCan the weather in your neck of the woods best be described as strange? Goddess Granny here and wondering if I’m the only one that’s currently being subjected to the delights of sunny and 70 one day only to be plunged into the darkness of 30 and pouring rain the next: it’s a lot like living in a kid’s coloring book where you get to crayola-in all the strange details in the sky depending on your mood! The weather does tend to have a rather profound effect on my disposition and I find myself craving a bit more color these days although the precious groundhog hasn’t yet made his declaration of the weather’s future quite yet, I am SO very ready for SPRING and if I can’t have it out my window, I’m going to smell like it and decorate my face with colors that make me happy!

Is there anything that has the potential to make a girl’s heart skip a beat faster that a brand new selection of eyeshadows? Oh the possibilities! If, like me, you haven’t yet been able or willing to score the amazing new goodies our dear friends at “Urban Decay” have been presenting, I’m here to set your lil’ heads spinning yet again with the introduction of some quad-palettes that I personally am blown away by this dreary week!

This is a rather “new to me” line although I picked up a couple of basic items in the “Napoleon Perdis” line at a boutique in LA: You have already GOT to be half mad in love with a huggy-bear of a guy named “Napoleon” anyways, right? The fact that he’s THE top makeup artist in Australia whose line is finally on the shelves of some super-cool places we love to shop is major and I’m dying to give just about everything I’m reading about as I research a try! He’s a self-taught makeup genius who began his path by practicing on his own ever so glam MOM when he was 13! Countless faces and awards later,his amazingly varied line of gorgeous products are well known in AU and New Zealand and are  now available here,lucky us! As I understand, he has actually crated more than one line and has stand alone boutiques that showcase his creations as well and the now over 300 “Ulta” stores are stocking up on Napoleon. I LOVE that his intent is to “elevate your own natural beauty with confidence-enhancing products” as opposed to a specific “look” that may be dictated for a current season and his “Runway to Reality” philosophy for Spring 2010 really clicks with me! I want to be able to edit and choose what elements I can personally “handle” in my own look and with such a beautiful and colorful line,it’s truly going to be a delight to dip into his selections. This is a brand dedicated to “vibrant,vivacious cosmetics.” Sounds like our kind of fun 🙂

Y’all know I’m a sucker for decent packaging: doesn’t have to be fancy but it does have to make that ever so important first impression for me to take it seriously: not sayin’ that you can’t find good stuff in lesser packaging and yes, I do love recycled but when you’re being represented as a high-end line in terms of quality, product, and price, you do need to let me know that you won’t be falling apart in my purse or coming un-hinged after a couple of uses. Napoleon’s “Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad” did not fail to impress!
A hefty in the hand square of crystal lucite that’s perfectly milled and opens/closes with ease and precision. Slick “Napoleon Perdis” logo in gold on the top that is actually a generous mirror inside the lid. What I really loved about my shadow quad in “Fire” is that the four squares of beautiful eyeshadow are GENEROUS: I hate when you have to try and wedge a brush or even your fingertip into some tiny lil’ stingy pot of color over and over to get the amount of color you want. These colors are separated by lucite dividers (again which I LOVE if you use some shade wet and some dry to avoid that messy smear over onto another color) and two quality applicators are included in the middle as well.

The shades are absolutely yummy: my quad includes my “new fav of the moment” shade of rusty orange, a perfect saucy medium beige, a yummy purple with no red, and a perfect highlighting shade of pinky beige. (Note: the picture is not my “Fire” quad but this one better represents the product 🙂 The textures are sublime and not too sparkly: I know some “question” that if after a certain “age” one can/should indulge in a bit of eyeshadow shine and I say “yes!” These are beautifully-balanced,not too sparkly at all (although I will never let go of my glitter! ) and blend effortlessly without any pulling or flaking. I do believe that the quality is in the top 5 or so of eyeshadows I have ever tried… they almost apply themselves and it’s very easy to use the coordinated colors in the quad in many ways without working at it too hard!

I am very impressed by my first date with my “shadow quad” and totally suggest that you pencil in THIS hot little number on your must try list as well! Napoleon knows his stuff and the website is full of SO much info and inspiration that I’m keeping a running list of what I’d like to sample next.

Quite a few “Prismatic Shadow Quad” combos to choose from and again, I heart this compact so much! For the quality and amount of product,I truly feel it’s an exceptional value that would serve one well for a long time.Quads # 1, # 3, # 9 won’t y,all come to Granny’s house to play?

Check them out and buy HERE:

BTW: when you visit the site,be sure to click on the “About” that describes Napoleon’s wife, “Soula” and tell me she isn’t insanely GORGEOUS? 4 young daughters? Are you flippin’ kidding me? WOW!

I LOVE compacts that have colors you can REALLY use and it seems like these are exceptionally well thought in terms of coordinating and wearability. I hate when you end up using only one shade in a compact: do you prefer singles or does a well though out collection in one compact win you over?

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