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Champ3377 here with my veryt first DD review! Ladies please chime in!

I’m thrilled to be here (thank you Meg, Kate, and the rest of you truly beautiful women who humble me!) A little about myself: I “do” pretty (Do you hear “How Lovely to be a Woman” playing in the background?) I used to do “obscenely expensive pretty,” but my job as an instructor at a private high school keeps me working nearly pro bono, though I wouldn’t trade it for anything. So now I’m all for “cheap chic.” Two years ago I told a colleague that I liked another woman’s skirt (feminine, flirty, and simply becoming on her). She raised one eyebrow and, with a face contorted by repulsion, said, “Gigi, you would. And you probably enjoy bows on packages and the color pink.” Those were fighting words. I replied, “Yes, I do. Moreover, I go crazy over roses, blossoms on trees, lilacs and hyacinth in the spring, the ocean and sky, clothing, perfume, and makeup, makeup, makeup. Should I continue?” I don’t believe she cared for that remark but, hey, I speak my mind.

Pick of the week: Physicians Formula’s Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner. Each compact contains nine coordinated matte and shimmer hues. A savvy physician whose wife was highly allergic to nearly all makeup developed this line and, as they say, the rest is history. This brand is gentle and safe for tender, allergy-prone eyes. The consistency is soft–finely milled and blends effortlessly. These shades can easily take you from work to a special night out, as you control the intensity of pigment. No separate eyeliner necessary here—smudge one of the deep shades beneath lashes or create a smoldering “cat eye.” Only one grumble: Physicians Formula has promoted these shadows by advising you choose a palette to match your own eye color. I disagree. At the reasonable drugstore price for this, buy several and experiment! The item shown here is meant for hazel eyes (like mine). Evidently they feel that browns and mauves work best, but think back to grade school or art class. Recall the color wheel? Complementary shades create contrast and make eye color appear more vivid. Actually, hazel/green is also greatly enhanced by variations of lavender, eggplant, and violet as well as those shown. Brown eyes “pop” with tones of blue-gray and indigo, and blue eyes (lucky you!) are flattered with shades of camel, taupe, and brown. Be wary of pink-based shadow. Wearing a shade infused with orange (as it often is), may leave you looking like you’ve developed a serious case of conjunctivitis (not attractive, to be sure). However, PF colors are pure pinks, so not to worry. These palettes come with a unique, angled felt applicator (good for touch-ups), but invest in eyeshadow brushes if possible, even DD versions. Using them is akin to trading in a giant child’s marker for a felt-tip pen; you have ultimate control.

Here’s what they say “Enhance your natural eye color with three blendable trios that color, contour and line your eyes for illuminating, high impact.
Available in 4 shades.”

I say Drugstore Deal Worth Every Penny!

What do you say about Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow and Liner?

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