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I attended the same prep school for grades 5-12. We wore uniforms. Green plaid skirts, knee socks, loafers–the whole nine yards. I actually really liked wearing uniforms. It made life so easy. And it was always so easy to guilt my mother into buying me new clothes if I had some particular event to go to. “Mom…I have nothing to wear!” Because, well, I didn’t. Even so, to this day, I cannot STAND white socks. I spent so many days of my life wearing them… I think I was in about the 8th grade we had to wear dress-up clothes for some reason or another one day. Awards ceremony or a field trip to somewhere special. But I remember wearing a white blouse and a floral pencil skirt. And I had these really cute (and stylish at the time) white wedge platforms from Nine West. Come to think of it, they’re actually sort of back in style now. Anyhow, a couple rather bitchy girls in my English class kept making fun of me for wearing white shoes before Memorial Day. I was told them: “What are you talking about? It’s EASTER to LABOR DAY that you can wear white shoes. What does Memorial Day have to do with it?!?” I lost the argument. I was outnumbered 3-to-1. Be back me up here ladies…you can wear white shoes ANYTIME after Easter. And I know for a FACT that It was after Easter after that day! I never will forget that! That springtime story is actually totally unrelated to the Pastels that Pop all over sephora this spring! There are just some beautiful sort-of pastels all over the place and I love it! Check out these sure-to-be hits!

Take note of the Bare Escentuals Face Fasion set ($34). What really drew me into this set was the eye look on the box. Its this beautiful sort green-blue metallic smoke. But It’s totally wearable and really not too gaudy. I mean, many of you have heard my opinions on Bare Escentuals but one of the things I really do have to give them credit for is making this sort of high-fashion look accessible to all women. And I think that’s really cool. Besides the three eye colors you get a blush, and a mini Buxom lips in this five-piece set. $34 for all that is a bargain I think.

Next, the Stila Shadow Duos: Some of the color combinations that they came up with are fabulous! Plus the duo’s are still the same size as the regular shadow pans so they will definitely fit into your compacts. Borealis is a light periwinkle/dark blue combination. More periwinkle less blue would be great for day and you could dab in more blue for a dramatic night time look. I also love Terra Cotta which is a reddish orange/brownish orange duo sort of like NARS’ Bohemian Gold Shadow Duo (one of my favorites!)

Laura Mercier has these limited edition Shadow Quads in Violet shades. There’s a warm set and a cool set and they are beautiful and irridescent. The great thing about violets is that they really bring out all eye colors, too. Try them with their new Liquid Eyeliners that come in a little nail polish like bottle and you just dip in your brush (to keep out yucky germs!). Its very pretty and subtle.

The best pastel with a pop cheeks, in my book, hands down are Tarte Cheek Stains. I just got the new one, “Full Blossom” which is actually “Natural Beauty” swirld with a complex of five different fruits packed with antioxdiants so its actually makeup thats GOOD for your skin! How can you argue with that?

If you want a one-stop shop for your entire face check out the Fresh Island Reverie palette ($55) which has thee shadows (a sheer champagne, a shell pink, and a rich coffee) with a blush and bronzer. The shades are so pretty and will translate easily from spring to summer and even into fall.

Ladies what spring sets have you sprung?

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