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Thanks for all of your insightful and humorous posts! We really appreciate you taking the time to make our family complete! You brightened our day, now we reward you with a way to brighten your eyes, as seen in the Emmy gift bags, here are our incredible members that won some Oil of Olay Eye Illuminators..Be sure to let us know how they worked out for you! Congratulations-You deserve it!

Indianafarmwife She’s been making us laugh and everyone loves a woman that can ride a John Deere while applying lip gloss! Farm girls unite!

KryssantheYou’ve been sharing so many tips, thoughts and all around brilliance! Congrats!

Jenlaw She’s potty training triplets! Wish we could also send you a bottle of Xanax.

DianeoShe’s been a loyal reader and commenter for quite a while. If she says she can carry groceries in her eye bags then we are here to help! Congratulations faithful friend!

We have another give-away for next week. People really do win! We promise to reward the wonderful women that help grow and make our site interesting! Get to commenting, like you don’t have something you’re dying to get off your chest. We want to get to know you, because we’ve really found that to know you is to love you.

How do you feel about the give-aways? Do you like them and want us to continue them and even try to do more? What would you love to win? What item would you love to get a shot at winning? We’ll do our best to answer your wishes. Yes, I too would love the new Maserati, let’s try to keep it in our reach though-ok? Let us know!


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