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So the Emmys were last week, and surprise surprise, I didn’t win one. Which was not that much of a surprise because except for the Lavalife Dating service commercial I did, I wasn’t on any television shows this year. The weird thing is that I had a dream I won an Emmy for some kind of guest appearance on an episode of a reality television show. Dreams are strange.

Even though I didn’t win an Emmy ( I guess my invite got lost in the mail with the white bra I ordered from Victoria’s Secret) I DID get to experience a tiny piece of the nights glamour when Jamie Wong, the magical Oil of Olay fairy, sent me Definity Eye Illuminator Treatment which was included in this years Emny gift bags. Now, I know the Emmys are for television, and TV is not as glamorous as films and the Oscars, but I was still shocked to find out that a little ol’ DD product made it into those gajillion dollar gift bags. Intrigued, I tried it and as soon as I did I realized that this product was something special! Actually, before I even tried it, I realized it was different just by looking at it! I looks like a swirl of platinum suspended in ectoplasm!

But it’s not that. What it is, is “an intensive anti-aging eye treatment that helps diminish under-eye darkness and dullness and improves all-around brightness for eyes that are luminous and highly defined”. It felt cool and refreshing when I put it on, and made my eyes have a subtly brightness to them without having the appearance of “product” being there. I always find that concealers never look natural. Definity Illuminator looks totally natural!

It won’t be on the shelves until July 2008, but mark your calendars ladies! It’s worth the wait! (That’s wrong-sorry. It came out in July 2007! TGIAF)

GIVEAWAY! We have 5 of these illuminator’s to give away- Want one? Best comment on anything between now and Monday will win you one! Get out there and get posting! Ladies really do win!

What eye creams do you swear by? This one is $26! A lot for a DD but a great price for the results!

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