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StacyB here! Nothing makes you feel less glamorous than moving. Unpacking, cleaning, dusting, eating off paper plates, clothes in piles, missing items, bare walls, painting, organizing, it’s crazy! I just moved into our news house about a week ago, and I’m pretty sure I forgot how to apply makeup or straighten my hair after three days of manual labor. And forget the state of my nails, I have nicknamed my fingers the nubsters.
For three days, I pretty much stuck with the basics, if anything: a little cover-up for those bags under my eyes from being up all night with my 2-year-old who was sleeping in our room since his wasn’t ready. I had no idea a toddler could have so many conversations with himself while actually asleep. I slathered on the lip balm since all the dust from the moving boxes sucked the moisture from my lips, I used the plain old drugstore brand travel sized lotion I carry in my handbag and my hair was in a perma-pony tail.
I’m painting a pretty picture for you, aren’t I?
It was definitely worth it, it’s great to have our own house after a small condo for three years. But come Monday morning, I was ready for some glamour. I can’t go too nuts, I work for a software company where black pants and a sweater is considered ‘a bit dressy’, but I still wanted to feel pretty and fun again after sweats, sneakers and hair elastics all weekend. I figured I’d dress a little more casual (the jeans were on the top of the pile, so they won!) but play up my eyes a bit.
Luckily, NYX has a eye pencil that happened to float to the top of my makeup (cardboard) box. The “Super Skinny Eye Marker” in carbon black was calling my name. It’s advertised as a felt tipped marker-like eye pencil that is smudgeproof and long lasting. Perfect. You mean I won’t turn into my box-moving scrubby self in just a few hours? This might last?
It definitely lasted. It went on so black and so thick. It was like I took a Sharpie to my eye. I actually had to tone it down a bit with some charcoal eye shadow smudged over it just because it was so dramatic. If you want high pigmented drama, this is for you. It went on really smoothly, although it did take me a few tries to get it right. It is more liquid than you think, so any tiny hand or finger movement causes a blip in your line, so be careful! I do NOT have a steady hand!! It dries fast, too, so there’s little correction time. I actually found that if I swiped it quickly, it went on better than trying to be slow and precise. The slower I went, the more jagged edges. A good quick swipe ended up being my best bet.
It stuck around all day and didn’t smudge an ounce. I did see a little bleeding though (of the color, not my eye!!) so in those tiny fine lines around my eyes was a little stray color. I’m sure no one but me noticed, but geez, what a way to remind me I’m creeping further into my 30s and should be taking better care of my sensitive eye skin…
The liner came off easily with some light scrubbing with a wet washcloth with some soap on it. I can’t say this is an every day product, but I definitely felt a little better about myself that Monday morning while wondering how out of shape I could be if moving some boxes caused sore muscles…
NYX also has a Super Fat Eye Marker that I’d be interested to try. The tip is much thicker so maybe I’d have more control?
Oh, and want a few more positive tidbits about this? It’s usually under $10, and it not tested on animals.

What about you? Have you tried the NYX line?

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