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nyxjumboStacy B here! Forget animal testing. All make up should be put through gym testing. If your make up can last through a tough workout, it’s a keeper. No, I am not advocating wearing full make up to the gym. I am not that girl and don’t want to be. But sometimes when my Mom wants some grandmother/grandson time she’ll pick my son, Kyle up from daycare and I’ll go to the gym right from work. I’m not going to stop and wash my make up off before my workout, so by default, it’s on when I’m working out.
This week, I had a new product and decided to actually put it on fresh before the gym just to really see what would happen. I got home from work, my husband and son were happily pushing cars around the floor so I went up, got changed, applied NYX’s Jumbo Eye pencil and grabbed my iPod.
I got quite the look from hubby. “Why are you wearing make up to the gym?” he said. I told him that it is so I could test it out and see if it would last through an hour long, cardio filled, sweaty work-out. He kept giving me the side-eye, which made me giggle. He called me sketchy. I told him he was overreacting. We have a great relationship.Kiss  After I convinced him it was all in a days work for he reluctantly told me I looked ‘too good for the gym’ and I happily skipped out the door. See? Great relationship.
I tried two colors because I love layering and experimenting with colors. This is a jumbo pencil so it’s great for thick eye lining and over all shadow. It’s not thin and would be impossible for precision looks, but I wanted a fat line that I could see. I tried a basic black as a liner and then lime green (which looked more army green with a shimmer than lime – it’s not nearly as bright as it sounds). I will neither confirm nor deny wearing my green Nike tank top purposely to match the green eye color.
These go on really smooth and easy. Just one swipe and there was a good amount of color. The black was really black, it didn’t fade to gray with a light application. Good pigment in these pencils! The green was shimmery and light but was still a real green color. You can smudge these really easily with a finger or even a smaller eye liner or shadow brush. I could have really gone all out and done a great smokey green eye, but that would have been a little much for the gym! I’ll save that for the weekend!
They are not oily at all and come in 24 different shades. Tons of mix and match opportunities! And, at only $3.50 each, go nuts. They are perfect to toss in your bag or for travel because you can use them as a liner or over-all shadow. I bet if you had a really small eyeliner brush, you could apply with that and get that precise thin line if that’s what you are looking for. There’s three ways to use it right there, just over $1 a use. Not bad.
As for the gym verdict? Success! I was at the gym for over an hour and did almost 4 miles on the treadmill plus three sets of abs. It’s summer and hot and sweaty and my make up stayed put. Sometimes creamier shadows, especially the kinds that look like big crayons like this one, can crease easily, or run. This didn’t. I was very pleased to come home and see a perfect eye application as I was getting in the shower. It even took some scrubbing to get it all off. Gentle scrubbing of course, but it was pretty stubbornly camped out on my eye lid.
I kind of liked this gym test…if your products can last through a workout, it can definitely get through a regular day, or a hot night of dancing. I think I’ll have to convince my husband to take me out dancing this weekend to test out some more NYX products!
Anyone else try NYX cosmetics? Am I the only one that likes to mix and match colors?

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