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Stacy B here! Rough week ladies. Nothing bad happened, thankfully, but it’s just another crazy week around here, with more coming. I guess I should remember that my family is healthy, I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge and heat in my vents but still. Hectic weeks are hectic, no matter how fortunate you are.

I’ve been overloaded with Christmas shopping, and having relatives in LA really puts the pressure on because those gifts need to be either bought, wrapped and shipped by next week, or shipped directly with hopes that the right person opens the box and can wrap everything before the wrong person sees! Every day I have boxes outside my door and my list is not close to being done. Throw in a teething 7-month old, a very smart 4-year-old who asks about 10 times a day “how many days until Christmas?! And can we make MORE Christmas cookies today?!?“, a sick husband and 3 full days of required corporate in-house training (fun, I know) and this week was over before it started.

Oh, and tomorrow’s our team Secret Santa at work because my manager is on maternity leave starting next week. Which means two things. 1. I will be shopping for my $10 or less gift at lunch tomorrow before the 3 pm party and 2. I can’t answer her emails fast enough about what is done and what must be done before she is out. Crazy.

Did I mention I’m in charge of refreshments for the party? Thankfully it’s on the company dime but I still have to order food and go pick it up! Is it 2013 yet??? I’m sure no one will notice if I get a mojito at the bar while waiting for our team appetizers, right? They don’t itemize the receipts do they? 

Guess what usually suffers when I get busy. Make-up and fashion. So sad. Well, that and sleep, but let’s be honest, I have two kids, sleep is a luxury at this point. Now, I never give up entirely on my outward appearance but I am in ‘multi-use product’ mode. Soaps that moisturize, hair serums that dry straight and frizz-free so I don’t have to use a flat iron, eye products that brighten and stay put for the entire whirlwind of a day so I don’t have to reapply. Give me quality products that save me time and money and I can focus on what really matters: having enough red and green sprinkles for the Christmas cookies I seem to be making at an astonishing rate.

NYX to my rescue! Again! They have a great little shimmery eye shadow stick called the Slide On Eye Pencil. It’s like a little sister to their jumbo eye shadow stick which I already love. These are much thinner and more precise though. It is so smooth and glides on so fast. I love their color selection, too, way beyond the typical eye liner colors.

This is great for a rushed morning, I can sweep on a neutral shade over my whole eye lid and then line with a fun color for a bit of excitement. Two steps plus some mascara and I’m out the door. No worrying about multiple shades of shadow over different parts of your lids, or liquid liners that are hard to apply and have to dry. If you notice in the link above, SELF magazine has voted these for one of their health and beauty awards. I agree!

Today I’m loving their gold shimmer, yesterday I rocked the purple shade. They have a light shimmer to them but aren’t glittery. I also found them surprisingly hard to remove. Not in a bad way, they just really stayed put. I had to use some eye makeup remover when I realized just soap and water didn’t cut it. That’s actually a plus in my book.I don’t mind using the eye make up remover at all, it proves to me that these have staying power.

And so cheap! Less than $8 (depending on your local store). I’m a coupon champ so I found that if I can get a store coupon for 25% off my entire order, that’s $2 less EACH. If you buy 4, you’re actually buying 3 and getting one free! Go ahead, experiment! And then love the fact that you can change up your whole look with something as simple as a rich, bold, smooth eye pencil.

Hopefully the next few weeks will be a bit less hectic for me but if not, I’m keeping with my multi-use product trend for a while! What’s your favorite multi-use?


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