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Stacy B here! Happy Halloween! A little late, but I’m still feeling festive. My pumpkins are still out (well, aside from the one that was smashed by some annoying teenagers) and my fall decor is out and ready for it’s Thanksgiving transition. I’m also still gorging on candy that my 3-year-old collected by running from house to house announing that his name was Kyle, not Mickey Mouse, he was just DRESSED as Mickey! Lucky for me, he’s not into candy all that much so I’m claiming it.

I also wanted to take a quick moment to send thoughts to all those effected by Hurricane Sandy. NYC and NJ, Boston stands with you (even if you are a Yankee fan!) We got just the tail end of the storm and it still knocked out power and trees, I can’t imaging the strength of the winds and waters in those areas. I hope for the best for you and your families. If I lived closer I’d offer my home for showers and cell phone chargers but I’m a little far away!

Now that the weathers have calmed, Halloween is over and November is here, it’s time for the holidays to really begin! Although, I am totally against Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, we can’t forget about that little holiday! Even as we look forward to the holidays, the parties, the outfits, the drinks (candy cane martini anyone?) and the New Year’s bashes, we have to remember that there is still some fall left and we should celebrate it!

I have a new fall obsession in my make-up arsenal. The NYX Crimson Amulate Dark Shadows Palette. This is inspired by the movie “Dark Shadows’ which came out in May. A terrible time for a dark, spooky movie to come out if you ask me. I think it was a PR mistake to not promote this for fall, considering the fall inspired make-up the film used.

I LOVE this thing. This book of make-up has been my best new toy this week. It’s packed full of over 30 eye shadows, 6 blushes, a liquid liner, an eye shadow primer, and a brow highligher. All in one little booklet. With a mirror! The colors are perfect for fall, lots of dark, shimmery greens, plumbs and greys. And the lighter, highlighing colors are the perfect compliment. There are endless combinations of looks in this one little case. All I can think of is that I wished I had this a month ago when I traveled for a wedding. Talk about light packing, I could have brought this, my favorite concealer and lip gloss and been set for the week!

You can do a dark smokey eye, a light, purple-y, fun, shadow mix or a perfectly fall neutral look. It even comes with three looks from the movie with step by step instructions on how to achieve them. As I’ve noticed from many drugstore brands, check your pigment before you slap it on. I found, as I usually do, that some colors are very true and very pigmented, and some are deceivingly light or translucent. Mess up the back of your hand before you mess up your eye, trust me.

The shadow primer really works, blends in quickly and is surprisingly smooth without being oily. I’ve never been on to prime my lids (totally lazy) but this may have changed my mind. I found that the shadow stayed on much longer with the primer. I didn’t prime yesterday, and by the end of the day, my lids were practically bare. But, with the primer, I got almost 12 hour coverage.

My only complaint is that the blush options all seem to lean toward pink. I can’t do pink. I need a bronze shade that leans toward brown/orange for my skin tone. Pinks look terrible on me. If it’s really peach I can sometimes get away with it, but none of these worked for me. Since there are 6 of them, it would have been nice if at least 1 or 2 were more bronze tinted. I also already know that some of these little squares of shadow are going to be gone soon, so I really hope NYX has simiar shades available!

I can see this lasting at least through winter with the great fall/winter shades. It’s so easy to carry around, it’s perfect for bringing with you if you have an event to go to after work and need a quick touchup, or new eye to debut. And I can’t say this enough, this screams ‘travel with me’! So easy, you could toss it in your carry-on and not even worry about it.

Oh, and ladies. $10. Total. How’s that for an entirely new fall/winter color wheel for you to play with!? What is your favorite palette?


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