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NYX1StacyB here!  Guess what I did yesterday? I signed my life away! At least for the next 30 years….that’s right, I closed on our new house! We are so excited! I must have signed my name 40 times, while trying to ignore the fact that my last mortage payment will be made on December 1, 2040. 2040!!! Isn’t that insane? Flying cars and a colony on the moon? That’s probably a little much, but isn’t it nice to think that maybe by then we’ll have a cure for cancer? Maybe we’ll have a peaceful world with true religious tolerance and an absolvance of descrimination? Or at the very least, makeup that makes us look the age we feel inside, not the actual number of years we’ve racked up?!

On top of this exciting day, it was over 70 degrees here in Massachusetts! One of the best things about late October in New England (besides the pumpkin muffins, brightly colored trees, and hair that’s calm and humidity-frizz free) is that one last chunk of days where it’s in the upper 60s-low 70s and we all get our last little bit of warmth before the long, cold winter. Thanks Mother Nature, I needed that little boost before hunkering down in my wool jacket and faux-fur scarf.

Needless to say, I’ve been feeling sunny and warm since yesterday morning. I wanted my face to match my mood and my favorite summery outfit (one last good bye pretty flower-y short-sleeved shirt!) so I pulled out my NYX 5-Color Shadow in “Caribbean Collection”  Nothing’s sunnier or happier than the Caribbean! My palate was called “I Dream of St. Thomas” and had five fun colors: A smokey charcoal, hot pink, bright silver, peach and a bright sea green/teal color.

The colors are very bright and kind of shocking at first. I was hesitant to try them all, and for the first few tries, stuck with the charcoal and silver. It’s still a favorite combo, but I’ve learned that I can blend the green with the silver for a light green tint, or with the charcoal for a smokey green eye. I tried the pink, but it was just too much. I can’t pull of pink in ANYTHING. Even blush that’s too pink makes me look like I got slapped across both cheeks. It’s not pretty. The peach went surprisingly well with a brownish gold base color. I actually really liked it.

I love that this is one long rectangular case, and it has a full mirror on the underside of the top cover. I feel like when you have a square palate, it’s hard to see both eyes because when you get close enough to really see what you are doing, the mirror isn’t wide enough to get both eyes in view. Not good for even applications!! But this was perfect. No matter how close I got to the mirror, I could still see both eyes.

The color lasted pretty well, the pigment was OK, too. I am not sure any of the colors (besides the charcoal) would stand on their own that well, but they all behaved very well with other shadows. Blending is the key for these colors; the shades don’t come on that dark, but you can make them great with some good base shadows. I actually prefer the ability to mix. I love that with the charcoal, silver and green, I could make four or five different looks. And, that’s only three of the five colors! That definitely makes the product worth the money. And you know it’s not that expensive since it’s a drugstore deal! It was listed on the website for $8.95…hey all you mathmeticians, how many color combinations can you make with five shadows? I can’t even begin to guess….dozens? hundreds? thousands??  It’s literally less than pennies each application.

Now if only I could decorate my new house in these fun caribbean colors! (I don’t think the hubby would like it much!)

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