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nycindividualeyesGoddess Granny recently had the unthinkable happen: most of us know that the airlines obviously must enjoy destroying our luggage and they made a master-work out of their talents on my bag! I used to pride myself on using ever so elegant suitcases, usually “Skyway” in brand until it became apparent that I’d be spending a LOT on “luggage repair.” It didn’t seem to make a difference HOW nice or sturdy the bags were, they didn’t make it out “alive” and rarely in one piece! Yes, they will allow a small stipend for “repairs” but trust me that $25.00 won’t cover much even if you can find a place to do the job. I’ve reverted to using inexpensive, sometimes even cute brands of luggage and simply replacing them when they start to look shabby! I’ve seen grown women use language that would make a sailor proud when they’ve seen the deconstruction of some REALLY pricey and classy luggage at the baggage claim thanks to rough handling!

My bag had literally been crushed in on one entire side The frame inside bent to a point where I could no longer pull up the handle that allowed for the bag to be rolled! Have you ever tried to push/pull a large bag through LAX to while almost bent in half and wearing heels? (I know Meg probably has!) Several strong men tried to assist me to no avail. I did end up getting an offer to “share a car” to my hotel which turned out to be a luxury town car so I guess there was a silver lining? Once I suffered through the embarrassment of shabby-luggage at hotel drop off, I started to imagine what conditions the items INSIDE the suitcase must be like? Not good: a heel had been broken off a really nice pair (aka expensive) of boots I intended to wear that evening and my “personal items” (no, I simply cannot pack my necessities in a quart ziplock…) were devastated! Open lids and caved-in sides and you could smell the leaking products the minute the bag was unzipped!) Worst of all, my cute retro makeup case has taken the brunt of the blow and anything that was powdered has no chance of survival! Everything was crushed and it was a mess that could have reduced me to tears. I was only in town for one night to attend an event and had no time to mourn or panic. I HAD to find some products that would work as replacements fast!

My hotel was lovely, I had been wanting to stay at this historic and grand place but the location did not allow for a “quick trip to the mall.” It’s in the heart of downtown LA. There was a salon on site but they only used “Aveda” brand products to which I am horrifically allergic to the point of hives if they touch my skin! I threw on my only other pair of footwear, black Lanvin ballet slippers and headed out in desperation, I had 4 hours before the event. I found a fabulous shoe repair around the corner who promised to make my boots wearable in time but still I needed some cosmetics! I was trying to be resourceful in this pinch because I’m sure you know that replacing almost the ENTIRE contents of your makeup bag at once is an overwhelming expense on the spot even IF you can find stuff!

I spotted what looked like a rather seedy drugstore down the street, swallowed my pride and headed in, not hoping for much. I was right, I think I’d discovered one of the few existing “Mom and Pop” drug stores that pretty much catered to those in need of various widths of gauze bandaging. I was desperate so I asked the lady at the counter if they had any cosmetics in stock: I kid you not, she was smoking a cigarette and kept darting in/out of the door, HA! She nodded towards the back and said, “What we have is back there…” I gathered my courage and headed to the bowels of the store to find a rather new-looking and pristine display of “NYC” products! SCORE! I had never used the brand before but there was enough of a selection that I was able to gather some supplies and colors I know would “work” without maxing out my credit card!

I was humbled by how GREAT my NYC product haul was and I was VERY impressed by the “IndividualEyes Custom Compact” I had chosen in “Union Square” for brown eyes. The compact was substantial and inside was a generous portion of a primer I think rivals the best, a creamy highlighter one could use on the eyes or anywhere else that again, left me in awe and four amazing pans of richly pigmented shadow that went on smoothly and color-true. They had real staying-power to boot! I was thrilled and decided on the spot that I’d add the “NYC” brand of products to my never-ending list of brands to explore further once I had the time! They have a chic and colorful site that allows you to find a listing of “where to buy” in your area and there is a fabulous selection of on-trend products and colors to choose from all priced very reasonably!

Check out the totally cool and interactive NYC site here, I’ve already added a few more shadow palettes to my collection and they remain in daily rotation! I won’t be packing my “luxury brands” again for travel and NYC has made me a believer of the fact that you CAN get high quality cosmetics at lower prices if you know how to work your way through the drugstore jungle! I can’t promise I’ll be giving up my favorites but I’m also going to be checking in with NYC on a regular basis to see what’s new and fun! I’ve signed up for their newsletter for discounts and trend-alerts so I’m glad that what was a mini-crisis allowed me to discover NYC while in LA!

Have you tried any of the excellent products from the NYC line? I hear that many top makeup artists swear by their lip gloss so that is next on my list!

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