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We’re proud to have Rachael Robbins, our own Beautyzilla, present this week’s drugstore deals…

N.Y.C brings a lot of things to mind at the moment. Most of them I can’t mention in this post for fear of being incarcerated. Why? you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. Meg just spent last weekend here with me and all I can say is that it is really good we don’t live in the same city. Because we would probably be dead, or sold into white slavery, or missing or something. Naughty naughty, naughty. It was like we were on our first spring break in Cancun together. Or we were channeling the Ab Fab girls (incidentally one of the days we spent nursing our hangovers, there was an Absolutely Fabulous marathon on. Coincidence? I think not). Or it was like we were the bad girls at our high school prom. You know, the ones who smoke in the bathroom, and roll solo to the big dance?! Yeah. That was us.

However, I have found something else to bring to mind at the mention of N.Y.C! Something positive and very legal! I think it’s my beat DD find to date!! It is the N.Y.C (which stands for New York Color) “Prom Beach” line. A limited edition line put out by N.Y.C. just in time for the prom (or Meg’s trip to New York). I recommend going and stocking up on the before they’re off the shelf because this is your total answer for summer make-up! The colors consist of the sun kissed bronze, beige, and taupe. I was shocked at the high levels of pigments this line contains. Almost as rich as MAC, but everything is either $2.99 or $3.99!!!

My two favorites are the lip gloss in “Beachy Bronze”. It makes my lips look naturally perfect and shiny. Imagine a gloss you could wear to the beach that wouldn’t make you look made up, but just a better version of yourself. This is it!! And the Cheek 2 Cheek Bronzers. One half is a bronzer that isn’t too orange or pink,. And the other half is a seashell hued highlighter, which looks perfect as an eye shadow base.

You will not be disappointed with anything from N.YC.’s Prom Beach collection. RUN! Before it’s off the shelves!

Can be bought at most drugstores! Ladies, now tell us your taxicab confessions! Where is your favorite place or best thing to do in the big apple!

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