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eyelinerStacy B here! Guilt is a funny thing. Sometimes it creeps up on you and smacks you on the head and you can think of nothing else but rectifying whatever it was you did immediately so you can reclaim your sanity. Sometimes it’s more of a slow burn that you know is there, but you can’t do much about. I often feel that slow burn kind of guilt…every time I drop my son off at daycare. I wish I could be home with him, and feel guilty that I have to work and leave him with someone who is not me all day. But, those are the times we live in, one income just doesn’t always cut it. At least I am lucky enough to have a trusted daycare lady. Said lady, by the way, is an amazing woman and I love her to death but she sucks the paycheck out of my pocket like an industrial vacuum cleaner. I can deal with that guilt though, because ultimately it will be OK. My son will be well-adjusted and social and thanks to what’s left of my paycheck, we will live in a house with electiricity and running water.
The other kind of guilt is not so fun. Last week, I was in a huge rush and backed out of my driveway without noticing that my neighbor had parked right behind me and I scratched his car (no, he should NOT have been parked there, it’s MY driveway, but yes, I should have been paying more attention). I immediately was smacked with the bad guilt so I had to write the neighbor a note and then I paid for the damages. At least that kind of guilt made me be the better person. I could have just driven away and not told him but rush or no rush, I’m a good person and I did the right thing!
After last week’s review of the NYC New York Color’s Smooth & Natural Matte Powder Foundation, I felt some guilt. I hate being negative, but I just didn’t love the product. And I felt bad about it! This week, I want to redeem myself and NYC and write something totally positive. Luckily, I found not only one, but two products from NYC that I loved!
I went for eye products this time. I’ve reviewed lips and face for you lovely ladies so far, so today it’s all about eyes. For the last few weeks, I’ve been using NYC Color’s Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Black , and I love it! Some cheaper blacks can go on looking a little gray, but not this one. It’s a nice true, rich black and goes on so smoothly. It feels like it moisturizes a bit, which is good for me, my eye skin is pretty sensitive and during any sort of allergy season, my eyes can get red, dry and cracked. This did not irritate my eyes at all. It didn’t tug or pull my skin when applying and was quick and easy to swipe on. It stayed put, too. I got caught in a rainstorm this weekend and it didn’t budge! I’ve also been using it for a few weeks and haven’t had to sharped it yet either, it is a lot of color for a little swipe. Great stuff, big thumbs up!
Since I was so excited about the eyeliner, I dug into my bag of NYC products and picked up what I thought was eye shadow. No…it was an eyebrow kit! Interesting…I have never used one of these before! It was the Browser Brush-on Brow Powder with Grooming Wax and Tweezers kit in brown. I wasn’t totally sure how to use it, so I swiped some grooming wax on the little brush included and smoothed out my eyebrows. The brush was a little hard and inflexible but what ‘free’ make up brush isn’t? I’ll probably use my little finger for application from now on. I checked the mirror, not bad, my brows looked sleeker and a little more in control (no, there are no catapillars above my eyes, but you know you can tell the difference between “neat” and “perfectly neat”!)
Then, I tried some of the brown shadow. I have brown hair, but it gets lighter in the sun, and my eyebrows are usually the first to start to lighten so sometimes I feel like my hair and my brows are a shade off. The brown shadow matched my true hair color perfectly and darkened up my brows just enough to match.  I love it. Another product I had no idea I needed, but will use a lot from now on.
Oh, and it came with the CUTEST little mini pair of tweezers! Adorable! Perfect for touch-ups on the go!
So, I feel a lot better now. I was able to find two NYC products that I really liked and was able to honestly write about without feeling like I was being mean to anyone. I’ll happily live the next week without any guilt!

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