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Meg here, I had some site issues yesterdays so that’s why we have Humpday and Drugstore Deals basically on the same day. Thanks for hanging in and I hope you’re having a great end of week!

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You’ve probably all seen this Nivea commercial—a young woman applies one of the company’s products and falls into the arms of a man who could easily be employed as a Calvin Klein model. The slogan “Touch and be touched” works for me, and so I decided to experiment even further with Nivea. My sister had put a portable, inexpensive all-purpose Nivea crème in my Christmas stocking last year, and it proved priceless during bitterly cold weather and dry heat.

We all know that many of the moisturizers used on your face and/or hands will not work under eyes—heavy lipids will simply trap fluid in the delicate layers of skin, causing unsightly puffiness. However, I’m starting to become more and more exasperated with being told by firms that I must use one product for my elbows, another for my arms, a third for my hands, a fourth for my neck, and so on. We’re all in a hurry, and I shop at the drugstore on a limited budget! I decided to return to Nivea’s line for an inexpensive “multi-tasker.” I found it in their Natural Tone Face and Body Crème (approximately $7.00).

This product can be used on face and body to even skin’s tone and soften. My skin tone is consistent, and thus I cannot comment on whether or not it lives up to its claims here. After losing some “vanity” pounds, I have the beginning of the much-dreaded “turkey neck” syndrome and do not want to be served for dinner on Thanksgiving! I put this moisturizer to the test, applying it to my face (except for my eye area), neck, arms, legs, and hands. I chose the crème rather than the lotion; the consistency is light and seems like it has been whipped. Ingredients are highly moisturizing (glycerin, mineral oil—a.ka. baby oil—and coco-glycerides), and they are enhanced by the same sunscreens used in much pricier products, including Chanel’s eye crèmes. It is quickly absorbed; there is no greasy residue after allowing it to penetrate for a moment or two. My skin was instantly silky and more touchable. In a way, it felt slightly more taut and firm as well. The fragrance? I found it very pleasant and understated, reminiscent of talcum or baby powder. My husband is sometimes used as another “test subject” for reviews (along with other family members and friends), and he was pleased as well. At first he balked—and then he asked for more. The silky benefits last—and I was a bit surprised. I hadn’t expected much from something so affordable.

I had been using expensive, exclusive firming crèmes on my neck (I promise I didn’t buy them—they were smuggled to me by foreign operatives), but Nivea’s version worked nearly as well as some of these at a mere fraction of the price. For a one-crème-fixes-all-areas product, I recommend it highly. The site itself,, is highly innovative and interactive; it offers advice on eating well, caring for yourself, and even gives exercises to keep the appearance of cellulite at a minimum and more. It’s definitely a place to visit in your spare time (I know, I know, what spare time?). PSSST, Nivea: I am very happily married, but if you ran a contest and offered women a chance for a date with the “GQ” man in your television ad, sales would quadruple!

Any other Nivea devotees?

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