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We all have our obsessions. Clearly, all of us megsmakeup girls have a sick, sick obsession with makeup. I have baskets of it all over the room. I’m sure it might irritate my roommates. I’m also obsessed with Longchamp bags and luggage, Red Dirt Music, the Hills. Shoes. Then there are the things that all of us MM girls love: UD Primer Potion, DD’s, The Balm concealer, Caudalie ( wait, maybe that’s just me). Not that we don’t love all these things (and a few more). But I think its time to branch out, make some new discoveries. So I’m proposing some of the newest stuff that I’m obsessed with as of this very second. Who’s with me?

Fresh Sugar Lip Glosses. They have all the lemon-sugary shea butter goodness as the treatment balm. But in beautifully colored glosses! They’re only available at Sephora. $25 is a bit steep for a lip gloss, but Fresh products are just beyond fabulous. Super high quality with the best ingredients – all of their cosmetics have treatment ingredients in them. I love Sugar Pin-Up (Shimmering Golden Coral) and Sugar Baby (shimmering nude peach). You cannot go wrong!

I know I mentioned this one last week, but I can’t get over how much I LOVE the new Dolce & Gabanna The One. I don’t particularly car for Light Blue and I didn’t really like By…D&G either. But the one, that grown up Cashmere Mist scent with a sexy Italian twist. Makes me want to order spaghetti and make out with the bus boy or something. There’s a great gift set (snatch them up before they go back to the North Pole for 10 months!) for $68 that has a 1.7oz fragrance, a full size body lotion and a roll on to throw in your purse! This is a steal because the 1.7 oz fragrance alone is $62 and the 3.4 oz is $82 and the Body Lotion is $40. Think Dior Pure Poison, Burberry, or Jean-Paul Gaultier.

I don’t think I’ve eve mentioned this one in a post before: but I seriously couldn’t live with out. My hair is really thick and I have a hard time keeping it from not being dry. I also don’t have a head of hair that can just be blow-dried and go. I have to straighten it or its a frizzy fro. So, needless to say, I do NOT like to wash it every day. Ever other day is often and I try to make it longer than that sometimes. And I’m kinda lazy and I dont like having to get up extra early to shower because the whole blowdrying, straigtening process takes an hour. So it gets greasy. But that’s why there’s Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo. Its a white poweder thats lemon-scented that you put in and to soak up all the grease and make it look fresh again! This is important because as a brunette that “baby powder” trick doesn’t work on us! The little mini size is $10 and the full size is $20 so its perfect on the go and for travel (because who wants to wash their hair to sit in less-than-clean airports and planes. Not me!

I actually started wearing liquid liner daily when I was in high school because it didn’t smudge all over the place like pencils did. I was more drugstore than high-end then and UD 24/7 Ultraglide pencils hadn’t been invented yet. (another Megsmakeup perennial favorite!) So it takes practice to be able to put a flawless thin liquid line over your eye with only one eye open anyhow. It took me a while to learn and sort of have to re-learn every time you get a new tube of a different brand if the brushes are a little bit different. TLC had a What Not to Wear marathon last weekend (MY FREAKIN’ FAVORITE SHOW!) and megsmakeup friend Carmindy use a liquid liner on the participant, which usually she lines with a shadow. It looked great so naturally I whipped out my liquid again after going with pencils lately and I am loving it. It really opens up your eye and gives you a super defined lash line. The Bourjois liquid liners are really easy to use and Meg’s has reviewed the Tarte Indelible Wink liners before which are great too. You can also do it with a Stila smudge pot and a very fine liner brush which I do pretty often as well because Smudge Pots are sort of an oxymoron. They dont SMUDGE at all and they stay right where you put them! Love it!

Ladies, what are your newest Obsessions!!!

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