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Why is it that new things are more fun? You always can’t wait to take the tags off of some new shirt or dress or shoes and rock them around town on a Friday night? It’s like magic. Even if you go buy some simple skirt at TJ Maxx –It’s still new and you’ll still look awesome in it. Try this on for size – you can do the same thing with your makeup , even if you just change it up a little bit. We here at Megsmakeup, clearly, are more into the excess than the minimalism. So April Fools (in October!) – try out these rockin’ newbies at Sephora this week – and let us know what you think!

Urban Decay has a new $29 set of their already FABULOUS 24/7 Ultra-glide Eye Pencils. I mean – they’re awesome because they stay on and they come in amazing colors. I love Zero (black), Bourbon (Brown), and 1999 (plum). This set has five colors: Zero, Lucky (Copper), Covet (Royal Purple), Electric (Aqua Blue), Lust (Royal Blue). They’re miniature in size so you can go crazy and try them out! Click on my profile and read my detailed comments on these must-have pencils.

Sephora’s own Private Label really doesn’t get enough love. But I know there are some serious secret weapons hidden there and one of them is the new Lash Plumper Mascara – it really curls and volumizes well. I wear it during the day a lot when I want a little more oomph than the Bourjois Yes to Volume!

I recently got a new Here Comes the Sun Palette from Fresh. Its actually the second one that I have owned and I was so thrilled to get another one because I was actually pretty sad when I had to get rid of the other one because I had used it all up (which actually doesn’t happen to me very often because …well…I have a lot of makeup. It’s a compact with a very nice sized mirror. It has two shades of bronzer in it which both are more “gold” than “Brown”, or worse yet “Orange” and also a really natural, very pretty blush shade that gives you the perfect sunkissed glow. I am a firm believer that sun-kissed does not have to be relagated to the spring and summer months. 🙂

Speaking of Fresh, they have a new Sugar-Lychee scented candle that’s available online Only – $48 for a super luxe gift. I actually sent my mom to the Fresh shelves at my Sephora this week to shop for a present for her friend’s 50th birthday party! Stock up while youre at it –

What other gems have been added to your treasure chests of late?

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