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 GRAPESEEDEYECREAMStacy B here! I missed you all last week! My house was under quarantine, every one of us got the 24-hour stomach bug…and each on different days. I missed 3 days of work, partially for my own healing and partially because I couldn’t leave my 4-year-old home with a husband who was just as sick, too!
It was gross. Luckily, it was a fast moving bug, so we really were better after a day or so, but that one day was not fun. My kids bounced back fast, they are so resilient. My husband and I took a little longer but I think we didn’t heal as fast because we were focused on making the little guys feel OK. I spent $40 at CVS on Pedialyte, Gatorade, crackers, soup and Tums over the course of the sickness. Even the cashier commented that I must have been having a rough weekend. Thanks lady.
At least I lost 3 pounds…it was worth it, right? (Sure, until I’m rehydrated and back to normal…what a fad diet sickness is.)
Needless to say, there were lots of hot showers, hand washing, face washing, anti-bacterial use and teeth brushing. We were trying so hard to stay clean!
Normally during winter I need a stronger, thicker lotion for around my eyes and face and when I’m sick, or taking care of a sick person, my skin gets even worse. I’m dehydrated, taking hot showers, doing lots of washing and generally stripping my skin of all moisture. It’s tough. I’d been using Nature’s Gate Grape Seed Eye Cream  off and on over the last few months with mixed results. This was a true test of this product and I’d give it a passing grade. Not an A+, but a pass.
This product is all natural, full of antioxidents and plant based ingredients. The ingredent list is totally readable, and full of things I’ve heard of, like White Tea, Aloe and Flaxseed. It has a very, very light, clean scent that doesn’t linger. Which is good, I hate heavily scented creams or serums that go on your face and you smell nothing but them for the next hour. It’s even worse when they dirty up your pillow.
It goes on really smooth but feels a little oily. It takes a minute to soak in and dry, too. I usually use a pea sized amount around my eyes and use the leftover to try and attack those fine lines on my forehead. It’s not a great moisturizer but does leave the skin around my eyes feeling pretty smooth once it dries. I do need to use another moisturizer for the rest of my face.
I don’t get a ton of sleep, and have noticed that the bags under my eyes are a bit less offensive. But, I can’t use only this. I need something else in the morning to keep the skin around my eyes from getting red and cracked throughout the day, but it’s good for overnight. If it can do OK for me in the dry, harsh, New England winter, and after an illness that left my skin totally washed out and dehydrated, this might be a better choice for me in the spring.
The lack of chemicals really draws me to this product, so I’m going to continue to use this most nights. I’m looking forward to using it more in the spring…if it ever comes.

Have you ever tried Nature’s Gate?

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