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OK, This is amazing. AMAZING! I never can do wax or strips or anything-this is so easy I BEG YOU TO TRY!! SO EFFECTIVE, SO SIMPLE!

NO ouch, no tear, no pain. You just pump up the Nad wad and put the gel where you want to remove hair. Then using the enclosed strip you peel away. DOES NOT HURT AT ALL! It is really quite easy, pleasant and the results are very clean and amazing!

Sometimes you just want to deliver the pain yourself. I know the anticipation of waiting for the injection or wax paper to be removed is almost worse then the actual event.

I was eleven years old and stepped onto an earring -post side up. The earring shot up through my heel and I could not step flat footed for a week. I went to Newton Wellesly Hospital to have the earring post removed. In came the anesthesiologist. He was all ready to stick me under and remove the post-but I negotiated with him. I said “Give me your tools and 10 minutes, if I can’t get the post out then you can operate on me? Deal? Also, I’ll need one nurse”.

He agreed and I got to work. Nurse handed me these long tweezer looking tools and I began to scrape away. Five minutes later I had removed the post from my heel and was on my way back to sixth grade. My dad was in the waiting room and the doctor’s said to him “Your kid has a real future in medicine”

Perhaps I am a brilliant unrealized Doctor. I love to squeeze, extract and pick. I have to tell you I normally can NEVER get these strips to work. You have got to believe me, these are amazing, easy and boy do they work so, so great!

Here’s what NAD’s says about their facial wand “Thoroughly clean the area to be treated using a Nad’s Cleansing Wipe or a non-moisturising soap. Ensure that all oils, make-up and moisturisers are removed, then wipe skin completely dry. Remove wand cap. Twist end until gel appears at Wand tip. Apply a thin layer of gel in direction of hair growth. Only apply gel over the hair you want removed. Place a Nad’s cotton strip over gel. Firmly smooth over strip with your fingertips, hold skin taut and quickly pull strip in opposite direction of hair growth”. I promise this is easy and works fantastic!

I give this a Meg Uber Endorsement, I cleaned my eyebrows up with this in 1 minute. You’re going to love this.

Any other Nad’s Fans Out There?

NADS-Buy it here!


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