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Meg here back from the computer hospital. My laptop flatlined on me last night and I just got it fixed. The good news is I have a brand new one coming to me Thursday so all is well!

I guess its spring, or the move, or the fact that I have to go through all of my stuff and decide what I really want and need. What I am just somehow emotionally tied to that I probablly wouldn’t miss if I just let it go. My brains been jumping around a bit and I keep replaying choices I’ve made in my life and then I think of this story. A woman was unhappy in the career she had for the last 20 years so she came home and announced to her husband “I’m going to become a lawyer! Her husband just shook his head and rolled his eyes and said “You’re going to be 50 years old before you can even start to practice law.. The woman just looked at him and said “I’m going to be 50 years old anyway. Might as well be 50 years old and start my new career.”

Duh, right? I mean that logic is so easy to understand and yet so hard for us to apply. I’m not looking to be an attorney but I am looking to follow through on opportunities that have presented themselves to me that I just let fall by the wayside. I guess I can’t fail if I don’t try, I never use to feel that way but I think I have been a bit in the dumps the last year or so and developed an Eeyore complex. I am sending Eeyore to the glue factory and am really going to concentrate on putting myself out there as much as possible. I can’t succeed if I don’t try is my new mantra!

If you only look as good as you feel then I have not been living up to the ideal beauty regimen!

I’m looking for a little guidance, you ladies always know whats best to put on our faces so I’m hoping you will let me know what you’re secret is for a little extra spring in your step.

Should I buy an Ipod and program it with upbeat songs? Should I tape YOU ARE FABULOUS! to my mirror? What are little tricks you have (I know you have them) that help you keep on plugging? I’ll be back with our normal order of business tommorrow but I was hoping you ladies had some advice on how to cultivate better energy! Love you and thank-you! Meg

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