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The all natural and wonderful Adi from Mineraz sent out Meg’s Makeup some of their loose eye shadow to test. All sorts of different colors showed in up little pots.

I’m tired. Rachael just left me and is flying back to the East Coast so my sidekick is gone. We ended the week right with a Megs Makeup mailing. She has been the recipient of our mailings but living on the other side of the country had made it impossible for her to previously attend.

Around 2pm the whole Meg’s Mailer Gang showed up. It was the usual suspects-Blu’s Lee Lee, ChiChi and Desertdoll all rolled up, champagne bottles in hand- ready to work. Rachael (AKA) Beautyzilla was very impressed at what a well oiled machine we are when it comes time to get down to business. Sure, we polished off four bottles of bubbly but we never had our eyes off the prize.

We also decided to reward more of our great commenter’s so a few of you maybe very happy checking your mail this week!

Mineral Eye Colors contain nothing but safe minerals as colorants…no artificial chemicals, no petroleum products, no chemical preservatives. Water resistant products with natural UVA/UVB sun protection I know a bunch of our members are concerned about the ingredients so here’s a safe line to check out.

I probablly need to hop on the ingredient bandwagon, I’m awful. Thank God ChiChi does Green Chi Tuesdays because I’m behind on the whole safe cosmetics thing. Rat poison on your lips? Well, how did it work??

Yup, we’ll stick with ChiChi.

Here’s what Mineraz say’s about their loose eyeshadow..“With just the right amount of glow, our mineral eye colors help your skin look radiant and moist and they de-emphasize wrinkles and other signs of age.Our gorgeous variety and unique Colors are enhancing the youthful look of your eyes. Whether it is a matte or pearlized shade, it clings to eyelids and won’t crease fade or weigh down eyes. Colors become intense when applied wet and make great eyeliners that won’t run”.

Ladies, please post what color you were lucky to get and let us know if Mineraz Mineral Cosmetics Rock!


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