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Meg here! I hate saying that because I always say it and also, you’re all a bit mad at me because I haven’t yet got your cosmetics out to you. All I can promise (and I stand behind my word) is you’ll be happy once you get them. This is a HAUL!

Let’s talk eyes. Eye Scream, you scream we all scream for eye cream!

Without eye cream I just scream. Period. It’s not pretty.

The fine sensitive area under the eyes? Let’s be frank, (hi Frank) it’s like the tip of a Peter.

So thin and so smooth and so sensitive to the touch. You should never use a finger stronger than your ring finger to apply your cream. It’s so delicate any touch with force can alter the skin (hi Peter.) We had a true arguement. UNTIL we realized we argued the same point! From Dawn at Beautyfrosting.

Michael Todd True Organics is the answer for all puffiness, dark circle and eyelines. My gorgeous friend Dawn at Beautyfrosting is so amazing and really speaks to the argument that Michael Todd True Organics Eye Treatment is the answer! She had two of us over debating eye cream.

They both won and apparently so did I because I got the name of a new eye cream I had to try: Michael Todd True Organics Intensive Eye Treatment.

While it produces noticeable, dramatic, results when it comes to line reduction, dark circle-correction, de-puffing and overall eye hydration and skin cell regeneration, its price point is totally doable at $38 for .5 fl oz.

Plus the fact that it’s cruelty-free and 85% organic makes me feel good about using it. Add in that celebrity plastic surgeon, Andrew Ordon, M.D., of “The Doctors” fame, says it “Tops my list of best eye cream treatments” and you have a winner in the war on anti-aging skincare.

A personal note? I love that after a particularly champagne-celebratory evening, the soothing, gentle, massage tip applicator helped break up my not-so-perky puffiness.

Within a week, it became a staple on my bedside table and a staple in my heart, as well.

Dawn’s photo.

Again, I say it so many times because it’s true. Naural works just as if, not better than chemical.

At the end of the day, I wash my face and apply my Michael Todd True Organics Intenive Eye Cream.

And yes! I wake up looking bright eyed. My bags have diminished. It’s a WIN WIN!

I give Michael Todd True Organics Intensive Eye Cream 5 Champagne Flutes! What is yours?


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